Saturday, September 12, 2009

are you a loser? I am a LOSER!

EX: hey. sup? how ya doin'?

jeszieBoy: hey. not much. im good. how about ya?

EX: great. doin' good. :]

jeszieBoy: that's cool. uhm, u got a new one?

EX: what do you mean i got a new one?

jeszieBoy: i mean, new updates? about you. ya know.

EX: well nothin' really much. still the same.

jeszieBoy: cool. how about yer work?

EX: fine. just fine still kickin'.

jeszieBoy: good for you.

EX: hehe. yeah.

jeszieBoy: life? who's the new one? :]

EX: that's negative, i heard you got a new one.

jeszieBoy: (smiled)

EX: i see. silence means yes.

jeszieBoy: naa. i wish i have. remember the day we broke up? you told me to go find better than you are.

EX: yea. i do remember. what's the problem with that? haven't found the better-than-me one yet?

jeszieBoy: well that's exactly the problem. how the heck will i find the better one if i've already let go of the best that i could possibly have? *sigh*

EX: jez..

jeszieBoy: naa. don't say word. i know what yer sayin'. i just know what yer sayin'

EX: *sigh*

jeszieBoy: ya know what, i could lie to everyone 'round me. but not to myself. never to myself. all this time i thought i got over you. but one day, i woke up. and i just told myself. i still love you. i still do.

EX: i don't know what to say jez.

jeszieBoy: hahahaha! you don't have to say anything. i just wanted you to know. just that. gotta go now. see ya whenever. lol bye. :]

♪ ♫ aking hiling sa mga bituwin na minsan pa sana ako'y iyong mahalin. ihiling kahit dumilim ang aking daan na tatahakin. patungo sa iyo. ♪ ♫

..i wish i knew how to quit ya. geez. i'm such a freakin' LOSER!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Lara!

It's officially BER-month! yay! Christmas is fast approaching. sweet aromatic smell of pine trees, ham, keso de bola, GIFTS! are already hitting my nares. and Christmas carols kept ringing on my ears. extra cool! but before we hit Christmas, let's first celebrate some birthdays! i love birthdays!

last September 3, i celebrated my 19th birthday, just so you know. unfortunately yes, i just turned a year older again. geez. i feel like I'm grunting now. lol. however, that's not the focal point of this post but of LARA's. so many people celebrating their birthday this month. LARA and I just happened to be two of them.

I couldn't think of anything else to give lara. she has everything. when i asked her, she just told me to give her something i don't usually do yet special. so i thought of doing this. :]

..happy birthday LARA! to me, and to all who are celebrating their birthdays! it's a month-long celebration! yay! :]