Monday, July 27, 2009

better late than never.

Last week i got to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, the sixth installment movie of the Harry Potter series adopted from the novel written by JK Rowling. who is by the way my favorite fantasy author. ok, so is this some kind of a review or something? i dunno. maybe. since i don't really know how to make one. and not fond of making such. i just like to really comment on something that i like and enjoy. does that qualify?Lol.

Anyways, it was my second time to watch in Trinoma. I was goddam excited to watch it. because aside from the fact that I've long waited for this to really come out, I'd get to see my freakin' high school classmates as well. so it's like a reunion thingy. and it was just awesome. so there, i bought a gargantuan popcorn and enormous drink. the movie started at 11:30pm and ended at around 2:30 am. and i walked out the theater with so much disappointment in my heart. I was so brokenhearted.

ok, here's the thing. i know that we don't expect the director to include all the smallest details from the book. perhaps we might be forgetting what adopted means. but duuh? fool David Yates ruled out so much important details. im talking about highly relevant facts man. this movie was supposed to help people understand the connection between Harry and Voldemort. and it didn't. the horcrux was the whole idea of HBP but was completely left out. crucial memories in the pensive were excluded.

and crap! where were Tom's parents? Dumbledore's funeral? the new minister of magic? and the more-than-life battle between the dumbledore's army and death eaters! oh gosh. reminiscing that night when i watched the movie just makes me even harder to move on. this movie was almost 3hrs of crap. it was so damn boring. I expected so much from it. and i got almost nothing. i mean hella nothing.

..i wanna apparate to JK and cry!

Friday, July 17, 2009


'ang lakas ng ulan.'

'oo nga. malamig. sa mga ganitong panahon mo maiisip na masarap ang may ka kiskisan ng balat.'

'kiskisan ng balat?'

'skin to skin.' sa maternal & child nursing, it promotes bonding sa mag ina.

'yea. whatever. pwede ba mag tanong?'

'diba nagtatanong ka na nga.'

'seryoso ako.'

'hehe. ano ba yun?'

'masaya ka ba?'


'sa piling niya.'

'masayahin akong tao. kahit sino, kahit nga emo napapatawa ko. pag napasaya ko sila, masaya na rin ako.'

'hindi mo nmn sinagot ang tanong ko.'

'sinagot ko.'

'pero hindi ung hinahanap kong sagot.'

'pero sinagot ko.'

'napapsaya mo nmn ba siya?'

'siguro. kami pa rin nmn eh.'

'eh sa relasyon niyo, masaya ka rin ba?'

'teka. sino ka ba? bakit ang dami mong tanong?'

'ewan ko. ito ang role ko eh. magtanong. at ang role mo, sumagot. kaya un lang ang dapat mong gawin.'


'eh sa relasyon niyo, masaya ka rin ba?'

'magkaiba pa ba un?'

'oo magkaiba pa un'

'bakit, pwede ko bang sabihing masaya ako sa relasyon namin pero hindi sa piling niya?'

'hindi. pero pwede mong sabihing masaya ka sa piling niya pero hindi sa relasyon niyo.'


'mahal mo ba siya?'


'ah.. hindi'

'teka! wala akong sinasabing hindi. hindi pa kaya ako sumasagot.'

'un ang sabi ng kuliglig eh.'

'ano nmn ang kinalaman dito ng isang kuliglig? at paano mo nalaman na "hindi" yung sagot niya?'

'andami mo namang tanong eh. ako lang ang dapat na nagtatanong sa'yo.

'sino ka ba kasi?'

'sinabi ko na sa'yo. hindi ko rin alam. basta sumagot ka na lng. so hindi mo siya mahal.'

'mahal niya ako.'

'tingin mo sa pamamagitan niya matatakasan mo ang nakaraan mo?'


'pero hindi mo siya mahal.'

'pero mahal niya ako.'

'ito ba ang gusto mo?'

'ito ang dapat kong gustuhin.'


'dahil ito ang tama'

'at ang mali?'

'ang mali ay hindi dapat ginagawa.

'pero un ang gusto mo. dun ka masaya.'

'wala nmn akong sinasabing hindi ako masaya dito ah.'

'paano ka magiging masaya sa isang bagay na hindi mo gusto?'

*tingin sa malayo*



'mahirap ba?'

'ang alin?'

'ang sitwasyon mo nagun?'

'anong part ba ng situation ko ang tinutukoy mo?

'the whole part.'

*hingang malalim* 'sana ibang spermatozoon nalng ng tatay ko ang nag fertilize sa ovum ng nanay ko nung ginawa nila ako.'

'wala ka ngayon kung nagkaganun.'




'sumigaw ka.'


'isigaw mo.'

'ang alin?'

'ang totoong nararamdaman mo.'


'nakakagaan yun.'



'mababasa niya.'

'oo nga pla. kahit tayong dalawa lang ang naguusap, maraming tao ang makakabasa nito.'

'teka, siguro nmn pwede mo na akong sagutin. sino ka ba?'

'hindi ko nga alam.'

'huh? pwede ba un?'

'bakit ikaw, kilala mo ba sarili mo?'

'ahh. hindi nga rin eh. sino ba ako?'

'lalong hindi ko alam.'

'bakit kasi wala tayong mga pangalan?'

'yun ang gusto niya eh.'


'ni jeszie. siya ang gumawa satin.'

'hindi kaya epitome nya tayo?'

'tayo? eh isa lang nmn siya.'

'so sino sa 'ting dalawa?'

...and i don't want the world to see me. co'z i don't think that they'd understand. when everything's made to be broken, i just want you to know who i am...

hooy manong ang ingay ng radyo mooooo!!!

..*hingang malalim*

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Body is Art

Blog hopping is one of the things that i usually do whenever boredom eats me up. it's fun coz it's like meeting different people and knowing what stuff resides in their mind. this is where you can really perceive that people do have differences. just the way they title their posts, choice of words, style in writing and all that, you can easily figure that out.

sometimes, or most of the times we inevitably get the wrong side of the stick which causes some sort of misconstruction to one another. and if not given the appropriate action, it could eventually lead to something more serious which we all do not want to happen. now, going back to blog hopping, I think it was last week when i last blog hopped around here and i never expected that something really heinous would confront me.

I came across this particular blog which was owned by some 17 yr old kid. I was scanning his blog pages by pages when suddenly a photograph of a butt naked guy caught my attention. the picture was in sepia mode with some edited texts on it.

the moment my eyes got jammed on that picture, rage abruptly swallowed me up. this picture is not just familiar to me. I freakin' know this picture! why? because that guy on that picture just happened to be me! yes! you guys read it right. this butt naked guy is none other than me. on his blog, he said there that "with a friend's permission, i posted this picture bla.. bla.. bla.." and i was like, "WTF? i do not know this kid!"

'jes, ang lupit ng mga pics mo ah.'
"oh? astig ba?lol."
'oo gagu! potential hayden kho ka pla!'
"haha. potential? hayden kho in the making ba?"
'the next hayden kho pare.'

i got so much pictures of that kind or even naughtier on my FS account. but yea, i must admit that they were in a public album. but my account itself is in private because it's a sort of exclusive account. you might be asking why do i do that. the answer is i freakin' don't know. exhibitionist? sexual voyeurism, all these stuff? i don't know. and i don't wanna know. i just do that PERIOD.

I was preoccupied by the thought that i gotta know this kid who posted my picture without my permission! i had to find way how to get in touch to this kid. i saw his profile, and there i got his ym ID. i added him. and dropped a message. the next day, he was online. and the conversation started.

jeszieBoy :]: pre..


That kid: tes?

That kid: yes?

jeszieBoy :]: nabasa ko yung blog mo..

jeszieBoy :]: ung luma ata yun..

jeszieBoy :]: ung may nakapost na lalaking butt naked

jeszieBoy :]: I just wanna ask. kilala mo ba yung guy na un?


That kid: oo naman bakit?

jeszieBoy :]: oh yea?

That kid: oo

That kid: y?

That kid: teka

That kid: sino k b?

That kid: hehe

jeszieBoy :]: I just happened to be that guy..

jeszieBoy :]: and hell i dont know u man..

That kid: no you're not

jeszieBoy :]: u used my picture without my permission

That kid: FYI

That kid: that aint you

jeszieBoy :]: ako yun brad...

jeszieBoy :]: alam ko yung picture ko...

That kid: related ka ba kay warren austria?

jeszieBoy :]: warren austria?

jeszieBoy :]: fuck

That kid: y?

jeszieBoy :]: husn that?

jeszieBoy :]: ako ang may ari ng pic na un...

That kid: he's the guy who gave me "your" pic

jeszieBoy :]: and not warren austria

That kid: and he said siya un so i believed it

jeszieBoy :]: tangena

jeszieBoy :]: poser..

jeszieBoy :]: bigay mo nga saken link nun

jeszieBoy :]: ung warren na un

jeszieBoy :]: poser un brad...

jeszieBoy :]: that picture is mine..

That kid: hmm

That kid: sorry

jeszieBoy :]: pwede makuha url ng site nya?

That kid: wla xang blog eh

That kid: anyway

That kid: kalimutan mo na un

That kid: ill delete the entry na lang

That kid: paxenxa na sa inconvinience

jeszieBoy :]: no.. just the FS url..

jeszieBoy :]: sabi mo frend mo xa sa fs..

jeszieBoy :]: its ok man..

jeszieBoy :]: sorry.. grabe. first time ko kasi maganun..

jeszieBoy :]: sobrang kabadtrip..

jeszieBoy :]: can i get his FS nlng muna?

That kid: sorry

That kid: ok wait..

That kid:

jeszieBoy :]: tnx man..

That kid: teka man san mo nakuha ym id ko?


jeszieBoy :]: sa blog mo. kelangan tlga makontak kita eh. because of this..

jeszieBoy :]: tnx man..

That kid: ganun ba

jeszieBoy :]: ah

That kid: eh san mo nakuha blog link ko?

jeszieBoy :]: sa blog ko..

jeszieBoy :]: nag iwan ka ng link eh

That kid: ahha ganun b? blog link mo?

jeszieBoy :]: man..

jeszieBoy :]: shit. schoolmate ko pa ampota

jeszieBoy :]: badrip.

jeszieBoy :]: pero wala na ung pic ko..

jeszieBoy :]: hinahanap ko sa album nya

jeszieBoy :]: wala na eh

That kid: ahhh

That kid: ok

jeszieBoy :]: im definitely makin' an entry about this man.

That kid: jeszie boy.. nagcomment nga ako sayo nung nagpunta ka sa concert ni david archuleta

jeszieBoy :]: ah nagcomment ka ba? haha.

That kid: the guy with the cool accent ata sinabi ko

jeszieBoy :]: di ko napansin eh.

jeszieBoy :]: ako?

jeszieBoy :]: lol

jeszieBoy :]: natabunan kasi..

jeszieBoy :]: di ko na napansin.

jeszieBoy :]: hehe

That kid: hahaha... kaya naman pala

That kid: so anu naman ilalagay mo sa blog mo about the picture?

That kid: hehehe

jeszieBoy :]: i dunno. mag iisip pa ko.

That kid: [insert smiley here]

jeszieBoy :]: pero kailangan ma feature ko to.

jeszieBoy :]: lol

That kid: sa fatima ka parin ba?

That kid: haha

jeszieBoy :]: man, can i include you? sau ko kasi nakita pic ko.

That kid: ikaw pala ung nasa pic hahahaa.. wala lang

That kid: haha

That kid: o cge..

jeszieBoy :]: although la ka nmn kasalanan

That kid: negative ba?

That kid: [insert smiley here]

jeszieBoy :]: sa warren siguro..oo

That kid: haha

That kid: sa fatima ka parin ba?

jeszieBoy :]: sau hindi wala ka nmn kasalanan eh

That kid: waren's part of pagfa

jeszieBoy :]: yea i know.. namumukaan ko nga siya..

jeszieBoy :]: nakikita ko siya pag sumasayaw pagfa

That kid: ahh soo wait anung year mo na sa fatima?

jeszieBoy :]: 3rd yr man..

jeszieBoy :]: pero iba na ko ng building..

jeszieBoy :]: hindi na ko madalas dun sa tambayan ng pagfa

That kid: ahh dun ka na sa malapit sa sti

jeszieBoy :]: oo man..

jeszieBoy :]: regalado man

That kid: what a small world haha

jeszieBoy :]: bakit? dun ka rin ba?

That kid: lintek na picture yun haha..

That kid: hinde

That kid: malapit lang ung church namin ni warren dun

jeszieBoy :]: anong church? ung sa robinson?

That kid: oo

That kid: victory churches of asia

That kid: baka naman man pumunta ka dun at sugurin mo xa haha

jeszieBoy :]: nag church din ako dun man.

That kid: hahahaa

jeszieBoy :]: dati..

That kid: what a freakin small world

jeszieBoy :]: di na ngaun eh

That kid: dati?

jeszieBoy :]: lol

That kid: y di na ngayon?

jeszieBoy :]: busy na kasi..

jeszieBoy :]: haha

jeszieBoy :]: gusto ko nga bumalik eh..

jeszieBoy :]: kaso ewan..

jeszieBoy :]: ung demonyo pinangingibabawan ako

jeszieBoy :]: [insert smiley here]

That kid: hahahahahahahaaaha

That kid: san ka umaatend?

That kid: youth?

jeszieBoy :]: oo youth.

That kid: add muna kita sa blogroll ko wait

jeszieBoy :]: haha..

That kid: haha

That kid: youth din kame

jeszieBoy :]: haha. cge man.. t

jeszieBoy :]: tnx..

jeszieBoy :]: add din kita mya..

That kid: anu pla number mo

jeszieBoy :]: globe ako man eh

jeszieBoy :]: lol

That kid: globe din ako

That kid: haha

jeszieBoy :]: okie,,

jeszieBoy :]: 0927*******

jeszieBoy :]: haha.

That kid: imma invite u sometime sa church

jeszieBoy :]: waaa. gusto nga. tae..

That kid: basta gusto may paraan


it was kinda lengthy so i just cut it right there which is just sufficient to make it clear. all's clear now. I know i messed myself up when i posted those kind of pictures on my account. but heck! i never expected that something like this would happen! who would've wished something like this? well i don't really care if you post my pictures wherever you want, but geez! just don't ever claim possession of things that aren't yours! and to that Warren Austria who owned my picture, screw you man! i don't care if you like me, or just envious or something but damn. dont you ever do that again to me.

now i've learned my lesson. but im not saying that im gonna be deleting those pictures now. im just gonna make the album

..jeszieBoy's my butt btw?lol.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

me is know talk english!

alotta people nowadays are evidently gettin' more and more mindful with the way they look, the way other people would look at them and that sorta thing. many dermatology and cosmetic surgery clinics have suddenly apparated out of nowhere and boomed just like that. clients spend thousands of money doing stuff on their body like inserting some metal tube over the part where adipose tissues are freakin' abundant. and then they suck them out of their body, and get that perfect shape they have long been wanting after eating like a gluttonous king since christmas and new year.

but hey, this entry is not really about them, but yea, somehow connected. well because you know, I perfectly and truly understand why some people do that. of course, they wanna look stunningly beautiful, goddam sexy, effin' hot. hmm. what else? I ran out of words. Lol. but isn't not being beautiful is not just physical. i mean it's a total package. it also has to be emotional, spiritual, intellectual and all that. now that's beautiful and hawt!

anyways, speaking of intellectual, you guys heard me right. oh, i mean you guys READ IT RIGHT. we also have to work on our brain. we gotta find some ways to get it going man. we don't want our brain rot without even using a portion of it. did you know that the 100% function of our brain hasn't discovered yet? if I'm not mistaken, that's what my professor in psychology back in first yr told me. we're only using about 30% or 40% function of it. hey, I'm not sure with the numbers ok? I've always been unsure when it comes to numbers ya know.

now, if you can't think of anything that will make your brain on the go, I have something for you. this is some kinda brain exercise but you don't need to answer so much awful questions. all you gotta do is read it. and to the best of your ability, try to understand and feel each and every line. and if you get to understand the article, CONGRATULATIONS!

click on the image to enlarge

..I go away now. my head is pain. I can't breathing!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gayness Galore

warning: what you are about to read is sooo freakin' gay.

"every man has his gayness in him."

that's what a friend of mine told me yesterday when we were talking on the phone as she was story telling me about his boyfriend who just recently came out to her. and she was just so brokenhearted. she couldn't believe that she fell in love with a freakin' gay man. Lol. and I say it was not her fault. she never knew. until that very day.Lol. guess he had to do it for his boyfriend. haha.

but what she said made me think a bit. which i don't really usually do you know. every man has his gayness in him. does this include my dad? my brother? YOUR BOYFRIEND? ME? oh well, i guess yea. every man. no exception. but please, don't get me wrong. when i say gayness, i don't mean homosexual tendencies. what i mean is any personality that could mostly be found in gay people. try not to be so defensive man.

so yeah. i got gayness in me. isn't that cool? no. not at all. but what can i do? it was part of my personality. i was born with that gayness in my genes which i inherited from my aunt who just recently told me that we have the same personality. so what is this gayness that i'm talking about? well here we go.Lol.

no one really knows that i'm like this, except my best buddy. he was the only one who caught me watching that animated movie cars and actually crying. can you just imagine that? who could be teary eyed watching an animated movie that is so like babyish? oh well that's me. so gay i know. another movie that i couldn't help but just go to the bathroom and cry was ratatouille. hey! i didn't say something like crying makes a man gay. it's not. as long as no one sees him.Lol.

oh yes. I'm a freakin' crybaby. co'z im a hackin' sentimental. and i just hate it. you know. even a single touch of drama in an entirely comedy film is just enough to make me cry like a baby. and know what, there was this one time, i was inside FX goin' home from school, parting time by rockstar was the bg music, and jeez. i just couldn't help it. memories from my past rushed back to me just like that. and next thing i know, tears fell down on face. good thing people inside didn't see me. it was just really awkward but i couldn't help it.

but what's really infuriating here is that i cant freakin' watch anything with someone else. it's just hard to suppress the feelings you know. the last movie that made me really sob was transformers. i watched this in trinoma with two of my boyfriends and man, they were hard laughing at me after the movie. it's not that they saw me crying but man, sniffing is just hard to resist you know. Santino. you guys know him? oh I'm sure you do. I just hate that kid. he always makes me cry. that's why i don't watch him anymore especially when my parents are around!

oh gosh. i just screwed one of my secrets again. oh well that's fine i like sharing anything about me to everyone anyways. so how about you man? what is that gayness thingy in you? Lol.

..c'mon man, tell me. haha.Lol.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spongebob dies in the metro

early this afternoon i received an email from a loooong lost friend. I was of course elated that after so many years, this piece of a-hole still managed to get in touch with me. I got his ID and added him on ym and there we continued to chit chat just about random stuff about us. we haven't seen each other for like 2 yrs now. and yea, i freakin' miss this dickhead. he was my best buddy back then. he was my partner in crime. too bad he's now in states and it'll take 2 more yrs i guess to see him again when i get

he sent me a picture that made me laugh so hard until i just couldn't breathe at all. well it was not the picture that was really funny, but it was the caption that was so hilarious.


poor spongebob. look at him. he's just so dry due to so much lack of water. and so traumatized because of heat. and the people around might have aggravated his already deteriorated condition.haha. btw, what the heck is spongebob doing here in the metro?Lol.

..i still love him anyways.Lol.