Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spongebob dies in the metro

early this afternoon i received an email from a loooong lost friend. I was of course elated that after so many years, this piece of a-hole still managed to get in touch with me. I got his ID and added him on ym and there we continued to chit chat just about random stuff about us. we haven't seen each other for like 2 yrs now. and yea, i freakin' miss this dickhead. he was my best buddy back then. he was my partner in crime. too bad he's now in states and it'll take 2 more yrs i guess to see him again when i get

he sent me a picture that made me laugh so hard until i just couldn't breathe at all. well it was not the picture that was really funny, but it was the caption that was so hilarious.


poor spongebob. look at him. he's just so dry due to so much lack of water. and so traumatized because of heat. and the people around might have aggravated his already deteriorated condition.haha. btw, what the heck is spongebob doing here in the metro?Lol.

..i still love him anyways.Lol.


Boris said...

hahaha it looks like a tofu or a sandwich XD

why? maybe he's shopping with Sandy Cheeks XD

jeszieBoy said...

so sandy just dumped him somewhere in the metro when he was already suffocating? haha.

Boris said...

hehehehe not really, sandy ambushed spongbob with her karate. Too bad he didn't wore his helmet XD