Sunday, December 13, 2009

the best condom ad I've ever seen

Putting humor in an ad is probably the best way to get its strike to people. I've seen quite a lot of ads. condom ads in particular. they're all humorous which what i really like about them. when i came across this particular ad i learned that it got so much wit in it, and indeed, the best condom ad that I've ever seen. see it yourself! and check out that squeaky sound!

..have a safe squeaky!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

trees do have sexy time

Now we may realize that trees don't just reproduce through their lousy seeds or their flowers' pollination stuff which most of the people i know find it so gay. trees do get their sexy time too! and I've been thinking of this for the longest time back when i was a kid. (until i was appropriately educated of course.)

apparently, this tree couple i supposed, was having the best time of their day not realizing that a camera has been capturing their private moment.

..i actually find it hot.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

just like a sluggish snail

When you feel like being drowned in so much frustrations and can't do anything but to just get down with it, well think again. look around you. and you might get your head off seeing a tiny sluggish snail makes its way through every obstacles of life.

when someone tells you that you can't do something..

look around.

consider all options.

then go for it!

use all the things that GOD gave you.

be creative.

in the end, you will succeed and prove them wrong.

always remember: "where there is a will, there is a way."

will + way = success!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

are you a loser? I am a LOSER!

EX: hey. sup? how ya doin'?

jeszieBoy: hey. not much. im good. how about ya?

EX: great. doin' good. :]

jeszieBoy: that's cool. uhm, u got a new one?

EX: what do you mean i got a new one?

jeszieBoy: i mean, new updates? about you. ya know.

EX: well nothin' really much. still the same.

jeszieBoy: cool. how about yer work?

EX: fine. just fine still kickin'.

jeszieBoy: good for you.

EX: hehe. yeah.

jeszieBoy: life? who's the new one? :]

EX: that's negative, i heard you got a new one.

jeszieBoy: (smiled)

EX: i see. silence means yes.

jeszieBoy: naa. i wish i have. remember the day we broke up? you told me to go find better than you are.

EX: yea. i do remember. what's the problem with that? haven't found the better-than-me one yet?

jeszieBoy: well that's exactly the problem. how the heck will i find the better one if i've already let go of the best that i could possibly have? *sigh*

EX: jez..

jeszieBoy: naa. don't say word. i know what yer sayin'. i just know what yer sayin'

EX: *sigh*

jeszieBoy: ya know what, i could lie to everyone 'round me. but not to myself. never to myself. all this time i thought i got over you. but one day, i woke up. and i just told myself. i still love you. i still do.

EX: i don't know what to say jez.

jeszieBoy: hahahaha! you don't have to say anything. i just wanted you to know. just that. gotta go now. see ya whenever. lol bye. :]

♪ ♫ aking hiling sa mga bituwin na minsan pa sana ako'y iyong mahalin. ihiling kahit dumilim ang aking daan na tatahakin. patungo sa iyo. ♪ ♫

..i wish i knew how to quit ya. geez. i'm such a freakin' LOSER!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Lara!

It's officially BER-month! yay! Christmas is fast approaching. sweet aromatic smell of pine trees, ham, keso de bola, GIFTS! are already hitting my nares. and Christmas carols kept ringing on my ears. extra cool! but before we hit Christmas, let's first celebrate some birthdays! i love birthdays!

last September 3, i celebrated my 19th birthday, just so you know. unfortunately yes, i just turned a year older again. geez. i feel like I'm grunting now. lol. however, that's not the focal point of this post but of LARA's. so many people celebrating their birthday this month. LARA and I just happened to be two of them.

I couldn't think of anything else to give lara. she has everything. when i asked her, she just told me to give her something i don't usually do yet special. so i thought of doing this. :]

..happy birthday LARA! to me, and to all who are celebrating their birthdays! it's a month-long celebration! yay! :]

Saturday, August 29, 2009

back to the old times

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. i was damn preoccupied with so much school works and hospital works, perhaps. everything was pretty much on its proper place. school. work. friends. family. love life (one way though. conscience starting to knock me out) I could say that everything was doing just fine. until a song was produced to mess 'em all up. with just that single damn song, i was back to the old times.

Silent Sanctuary released their latest album last May 1, 2009 entitled "Mistaken for Granted" with their carrier single "Hiling". long before the album was released i was favorably informed about the song. i was mocked that the song was made for me. i mean people like me. I was in front of the line to purchase this masterpiece. when i got to play it, reading between the lines, my hypothalamus fathomed that the song was indeed, for me. it was my song.

When i first heard one of their songs "Ikaw Lamang" i immediately became a fan. after scanning through the rest of their songs back then i realized that these are just exactly the songs that i like. and since then, Silent Sanctuary has never disappointed me with their soft mellow repertoires.

I've been on LSS with "HILING" for sometime now. silly me would always listen to the song with some thoughts in the head. next thing i know, I'm teary eyed. so lame. and i must commend the video too! one of the bests actually. so here you go. let's listen to the song over and over again and share some sentiments. haha. Lol.

..ipipikit ko ang aking mata dahil nais ka lamang mahagkan, nais ka lamang masilayan kahit alam kong tapos na, kahit alam kong wala ka na.

Monday, July 27, 2009

better late than never.

Last week i got to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, the sixth installment movie of the Harry Potter series adopted from the novel written by JK Rowling. who is by the way my favorite fantasy author. ok, so is this some kind of a review or something? i dunno. maybe. since i don't really know how to make one. and not fond of making such. i just like to really comment on something that i like and enjoy. does that qualify?Lol.

Anyways, it was my second time to watch in Trinoma. I was goddam excited to watch it. because aside from the fact that I've long waited for this to really come out, I'd get to see my freakin' high school classmates as well. so it's like a reunion thingy. and it was just awesome. so there, i bought a gargantuan popcorn and enormous drink. the movie started at 11:30pm and ended at around 2:30 am. and i walked out the theater with so much disappointment in my heart. I was so brokenhearted.

ok, here's the thing. i know that we don't expect the director to include all the smallest details from the book. perhaps we might be forgetting what adopted means. but duuh? fool David Yates ruled out so much important details. im talking about highly relevant facts man. this movie was supposed to help people understand the connection between Harry and Voldemort. and it didn't. the horcrux was the whole idea of HBP but was completely left out. crucial memories in the pensive were excluded.

and crap! where were Tom's parents? Dumbledore's funeral? the new minister of magic? and the more-than-life battle between the dumbledore's army and death eaters! oh gosh. reminiscing that night when i watched the movie just makes me even harder to move on. this movie was almost 3hrs of crap. it was so damn boring. I expected so much from it. and i got almost nothing. i mean hella nothing.

..i wanna apparate to JK and cry!

Friday, July 17, 2009


'ang lakas ng ulan.'

'oo nga. malamig. sa mga ganitong panahon mo maiisip na masarap ang may ka kiskisan ng balat.'

'kiskisan ng balat?'

'skin to skin.' sa maternal & child nursing, it promotes bonding sa mag ina.

'yea. whatever. pwede ba mag tanong?'

'diba nagtatanong ka na nga.'

'seryoso ako.'

'hehe. ano ba yun?'

'masaya ka ba?'


'sa piling niya.'

'masayahin akong tao. kahit sino, kahit nga emo napapatawa ko. pag napasaya ko sila, masaya na rin ako.'

'hindi mo nmn sinagot ang tanong ko.'

'sinagot ko.'

'pero hindi ung hinahanap kong sagot.'

'pero sinagot ko.'

'napapsaya mo nmn ba siya?'

'siguro. kami pa rin nmn eh.'

'eh sa relasyon niyo, masaya ka rin ba?'

'teka. sino ka ba? bakit ang dami mong tanong?'

'ewan ko. ito ang role ko eh. magtanong. at ang role mo, sumagot. kaya un lang ang dapat mong gawin.'


'eh sa relasyon niyo, masaya ka rin ba?'

'magkaiba pa ba un?'

'oo magkaiba pa un'

'bakit, pwede ko bang sabihing masaya ako sa relasyon namin pero hindi sa piling niya?'

'hindi. pero pwede mong sabihing masaya ka sa piling niya pero hindi sa relasyon niyo.'


'mahal mo ba siya?'


'ah.. hindi'

'teka! wala akong sinasabing hindi. hindi pa kaya ako sumasagot.'

'un ang sabi ng kuliglig eh.'

'ano nmn ang kinalaman dito ng isang kuliglig? at paano mo nalaman na "hindi" yung sagot niya?'

'andami mo namang tanong eh. ako lang ang dapat na nagtatanong sa'yo.

'sino ka ba kasi?'

'sinabi ko na sa'yo. hindi ko rin alam. basta sumagot ka na lng. so hindi mo siya mahal.'

'mahal niya ako.'

'tingin mo sa pamamagitan niya matatakasan mo ang nakaraan mo?'


'pero hindi mo siya mahal.'

'pero mahal niya ako.'

'ito ba ang gusto mo?'

'ito ang dapat kong gustuhin.'


'dahil ito ang tama'

'at ang mali?'

'ang mali ay hindi dapat ginagawa.

'pero un ang gusto mo. dun ka masaya.'

'wala nmn akong sinasabing hindi ako masaya dito ah.'

'paano ka magiging masaya sa isang bagay na hindi mo gusto?'

*tingin sa malayo*



'mahirap ba?'

'ang alin?'

'ang sitwasyon mo nagun?'

'anong part ba ng situation ko ang tinutukoy mo?

'the whole part.'

*hingang malalim* 'sana ibang spermatozoon nalng ng tatay ko ang nag fertilize sa ovum ng nanay ko nung ginawa nila ako.'

'wala ka ngayon kung nagkaganun.'




'sumigaw ka.'


'isigaw mo.'

'ang alin?'

'ang totoong nararamdaman mo.'


'nakakagaan yun.'



'mababasa niya.'

'oo nga pla. kahit tayong dalawa lang ang naguusap, maraming tao ang makakabasa nito.'

'teka, siguro nmn pwede mo na akong sagutin. sino ka ba?'

'hindi ko nga alam.'

'huh? pwede ba un?'

'bakit ikaw, kilala mo ba sarili mo?'

'ahh. hindi nga rin eh. sino ba ako?'

'lalong hindi ko alam.'

'bakit kasi wala tayong mga pangalan?'

'yun ang gusto niya eh.'


'ni jeszie. siya ang gumawa satin.'

'hindi kaya epitome nya tayo?'

'tayo? eh isa lang nmn siya.'

'so sino sa 'ting dalawa?'

...and i don't want the world to see me. co'z i don't think that they'd understand. when everything's made to be broken, i just want you to know who i am...

hooy manong ang ingay ng radyo mooooo!!!

..*hingang malalim*

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Body is Art

Blog hopping is one of the things that i usually do whenever boredom eats me up. it's fun coz it's like meeting different people and knowing what stuff resides in their mind. this is where you can really perceive that people do have differences. just the way they title their posts, choice of words, style in writing and all that, you can easily figure that out.

sometimes, or most of the times we inevitably get the wrong side of the stick which causes some sort of misconstruction to one another. and if not given the appropriate action, it could eventually lead to something more serious which we all do not want to happen. now, going back to blog hopping, I think it was last week when i last blog hopped around here and i never expected that something really heinous would confront me.

I came across this particular blog which was owned by some 17 yr old kid. I was scanning his blog pages by pages when suddenly a photograph of a butt naked guy caught my attention. the picture was in sepia mode with some edited texts on it.

the moment my eyes got jammed on that picture, rage abruptly swallowed me up. this picture is not just familiar to me. I freakin' know this picture! why? because that guy on that picture just happened to be me! yes! you guys read it right. this butt naked guy is none other than me. on his blog, he said there that "with a friend's permission, i posted this picture bla.. bla.. bla.." and i was like, "WTF? i do not know this kid!"

'jes, ang lupit ng mga pics mo ah.'
"oh? astig ba?lol."
'oo gagu! potential hayden kho ka pla!'
"haha. potential? hayden kho in the making ba?"
'the next hayden kho pare.'

i got so much pictures of that kind or even naughtier on my FS account. but yea, i must admit that they were in a public album. but my account itself is in private because it's a sort of exclusive account. you might be asking why do i do that. the answer is i freakin' don't know. exhibitionist? sexual voyeurism, all these stuff? i don't know. and i don't wanna know. i just do that PERIOD.

I was preoccupied by the thought that i gotta know this kid who posted my picture without my permission! i had to find way how to get in touch to this kid. i saw his profile, and there i got his ym ID. i added him. and dropped a message. the next day, he was online. and the conversation started.

jeszieBoy :]: pre..


That kid: tes?

That kid: yes?

jeszieBoy :]: nabasa ko yung blog mo..

jeszieBoy :]: ung luma ata yun..

jeszieBoy :]: ung may nakapost na lalaking butt naked

jeszieBoy :]: I just wanna ask. kilala mo ba yung guy na un?


That kid: oo naman bakit?

jeszieBoy :]: oh yea?

That kid: oo

That kid: y?

That kid: teka

That kid: sino k b?

That kid: hehe

jeszieBoy :]: I just happened to be that guy..

jeszieBoy :]: and hell i dont know u man..

That kid: no you're not

jeszieBoy :]: u used my picture without my permission

That kid: FYI

That kid: that aint you

jeszieBoy :]: ako yun brad...

jeszieBoy :]: alam ko yung picture ko...

That kid: related ka ba kay warren austria?

jeszieBoy :]: warren austria?

jeszieBoy :]: fuck

That kid: y?

jeszieBoy :]: husn that?

jeszieBoy :]: ako ang may ari ng pic na un...

That kid: he's the guy who gave me "your" pic

jeszieBoy :]: and not warren austria

That kid: and he said siya un so i believed it

jeszieBoy :]: tangena

jeszieBoy :]: poser..

jeszieBoy :]: bigay mo nga saken link nun

jeszieBoy :]: ung warren na un

jeszieBoy :]: poser un brad...

jeszieBoy :]: that picture is mine..

That kid: hmm

That kid: sorry

jeszieBoy :]: pwede makuha url ng site nya?

That kid: wla xang blog eh

That kid: anyway

That kid: kalimutan mo na un

That kid: ill delete the entry na lang

That kid: paxenxa na sa inconvinience

jeszieBoy :]: no.. just the FS url..

jeszieBoy :]: sabi mo frend mo xa sa fs..

jeszieBoy :]: its ok man..

jeszieBoy :]: sorry.. grabe. first time ko kasi maganun..

jeszieBoy :]: sobrang kabadtrip..

jeszieBoy :]: can i get his FS nlng muna?

That kid: sorry

That kid: ok wait..

That kid:

jeszieBoy :]: tnx man..

That kid: teka man san mo nakuha ym id ko?


jeszieBoy :]: sa blog mo. kelangan tlga makontak kita eh. because of this..

jeszieBoy :]: tnx man..

That kid: ganun ba

jeszieBoy :]: ah

That kid: eh san mo nakuha blog link ko?

jeszieBoy :]: sa blog ko..

jeszieBoy :]: nag iwan ka ng link eh

That kid: ahha ganun b? blog link mo?

jeszieBoy :]: man..

jeszieBoy :]: shit. schoolmate ko pa ampota

jeszieBoy :]: badrip.

jeszieBoy :]: pero wala na ung pic ko..

jeszieBoy :]: hinahanap ko sa album nya

jeszieBoy :]: wala na eh

That kid: ahhh

That kid: ok

jeszieBoy :]: im definitely makin' an entry about this man.

That kid: jeszie boy.. nagcomment nga ako sayo nung nagpunta ka sa concert ni david archuleta

jeszieBoy :]: ah nagcomment ka ba? haha.

That kid: the guy with the cool accent ata sinabi ko

jeszieBoy :]: di ko napansin eh.

jeszieBoy :]: ako?

jeszieBoy :]: lol

jeszieBoy :]: natabunan kasi..

jeszieBoy :]: di ko na napansin.

jeszieBoy :]: hehe

That kid: hahaha... kaya naman pala

That kid: so anu naman ilalagay mo sa blog mo about the picture?

That kid: hehehe

jeszieBoy :]: i dunno. mag iisip pa ko.

That kid: [insert smiley here]

jeszieBoy :]: pero kailangan ma feature ko to.

jeszieBoy :]: lol

That kid: sa fatima ka parin ba?

That kid: haha

jeszieBoy :]: man, can i include you? sau ko kasi nakita pic ko.

That kid: ikaw pala ung nasa pic hahahaa.. wala lang

That kid: haha

That kid: o cge..

jeszieBoy :]: although la ka nmn kasalanan

That kid: negative ba?

That kid: [insert smiley here]

jeszieBoy :]: sa warren siguro..oo

That kid: haha

That kid: sa fatima ka parin ba?

jeszieBoy :]: sau hindi wala ka nmn kasalanan eh

That kid: waren's part of pagfa

jeszieBoy :]: yea i know.. namumukaan ko nga siya..

jeszieBoy :]: nakikita ko siya pag sumasayaw pagfa

That kid: ahh soo wait anung year mo na sa fatima?

jeszieBoy :]: 3rd yr man..

jeszieBoy :]: pero iba na ko ng building..

jeszieBoy :]: hindi na ko madalas dun sa tambayan ng pagfa

That kid: ahh dun ka na sa malapit sa sti

jeszieBoy :]: oo man..

jeszieBoy :]: regalado man

That kid: what a small world haha

jeszieBoy :]: bakit? dun ka rin ba?

That kid: lintek na picture yun haha..

That kid: hinde

That kid: malapit lang ung church namin ni warren dun

jeszieBoy :]: anong church? ung sa robinson?

That kid: oo

That kid: victory churches of asia

That kid: baka naman man pumunta ka dun at sugurin mo xa haha

jeszieBoy :]: nag church din ako dun man.

That kid: hahahaa

jeszieBoy :]: dati..

That kid: what a freakin small world

jeszieBoy :]: di na ngaun eh

That kid: dati?

jeszieBoy :]: lol

That kid: y di na ngayon?

jeszieBoy :]: busy na kasi..

jeszieBoy :]: haha

jeszieBoy :]: gusto ko nga bumalik eh..

jeszieBoy :]: kaso ewan..

jeszieBoy :]: ung demonyo pinangingibabawan ako

jeszieBoy :]: [insert smiley here]

That kid: hahahahahahahaaaha

That kid: san ka umaatend?

That kid: youth?

jeszieBoy :]: oo youth.

That kid: add muna kita sa blogroll ko wait

jeszieBoy :]: haha..

That kid: haha

That kid: youth din kame

jeszieBoy :]: haha. cge man.. t

jeszieBoy :]: tnx..

jeszieBoy :]: add din kita mya..

That kid: anu pla number mo

jeszieBoy :]: globe ako man eh

jeszieBoy :]: lol

That kid: globe din ako

That kid: haha

jeszieBoy :]: okie,,

jeszieBoy :]: 0927*******

jeszieBoy :]: haha.

That kid: imma invite u sometime sa church

jeszieBoy :]: waaa. gusto nga. tae..

That kid: basta gusto may paraan


it was kinda lengthy so i just cut it right there which is just sufficient to make it clear. all's clear now. I know i messed myself up when i posted those kind of pictures on my account. but heck! i never expected that something like this would happen! who would've wished something like this? well i don't really care if you post my pictures wherever you want, but geez! just don't ever claim possession of things that aren't yours! and to that Warren Austria who owned my picture, screw you man! i don't care if you like me, or just envious or something but damn. dont you ever do that again to me.

now i've learned my lesson. but im not saying that im gonna be deleting those pictures now. im just gonna make the album

..jeszieBoy's my butt btw?lol.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

me is know talk english!

alotta people nowadays are evidently gettin' more and more mindful with the way they look, the way other people would look at them and that sorta thing. many dermatology and cosmetic surgery clinics have suddenly apparated out of nowhere and boomed just like that. clients spend thousands of money doing stuff on their body like inserting some metal tube over the part where adipose tissues are freakin' abundant. and then they suck them out of their body, and get that perfect shape they have long been wanting after eating like a gluttonous king since christmas and new year.

but hey, this entry is not really about them, but yea, somehow connected. well because you know, I perfectly and truly understand why some people do that. of course, they wanna look stunningly beautiful, goddam sexy, effin' hot. hmm. what else? I ran out of words. Lol. but isn't not being beautiful is not just physical. i mean it's a total package. it also has to be emotional, spiritual, intellectual and all that. now that's beautiful and hawt!

anyways, speaking of intellectual, you guys heard me right. oh, i mean you guys READ IT RIGHT. we also have to work on our brain. we gotta find some ways to get it going man. we don't want our brain rot without even using a portion of it. did you know that the 100% function of our brain hasn't discovered yet? if I'm not mistaken, that's what my professor in psychology back in first yr told me. we're only using about 30% or 40% function of it. hey, I'm not sure with the numbers ok? I've always been unsure when it comes to numbers ya know.

now, if you can't think of anything that will make your brain on the go, I have something for you. this is some kinda brain exercise but you don't need to answer so much awful questions. all you gotta do is read it. and to the best of your ability, try to understand and feel each and every line. and if you get to understand the article, CONGRATULATIONS!

click on the image to enlarge

..I go away now. my head is pain. I can't breathing!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gayness Galore

warning: what you are about to read is sooo freakin' gay.

"every man has his gayness in him."

that's what a friend of mine told me yesterday when we were talking on the phone as she was story telling me about his boyfriend who just recently came out to her. and she was just so brokenhearted. she couldn't believe that she fell in love with a freakin' gay man. Lol. and I say it was not her fault. she never knew. until that very day.Lol. guess he had to do it for his boyfriend. haha.

but what she said made me think a bit. which i don't really usually do you know. every man has his gayness in him. does this include my dad? my brother? YOUR BOYFRIEND? ME? oh well, i guess yea. every man. no exception. but please, don't get me wrong. when i say gayness, i don't mean homosexual tendencies. what i mean is any personality that could mostly be found in gay people. try not to be so defensive man.

so yeah. i got gayness in me. isn't that cool? no. not at all. but what can i do? it was part of my personality. i was born with that gayness in my genes which i inherited from my aunt who just recently told me that we have the same personality. so what is this gayness that i'm talking about? well here we go.Lol.

no one really knows that i'm like this, except my best buddy. he was the only one who caught me watching that animated movie cars and actually crying. can you just imagine that? who could be teary eyed watching an animated movie that is so like babyish? oh well that's me. so gay i know. another movie that i couldn't help but just go to the bathroom and cry was ratatouille. hey! i didn't say something like crying makes a man gay. it's not. as long as no one sees him.Lol.

oh yes. I'm a freakin' crybaby. co'z im a hackin' sentimental. and i just hate it. you know. even a single touch of drama in an entirely comedy film is just enough to make me cry like a baby. and know what, there was this one time, i was inside FX goin' home from school, parting time by rockstar was the bg music, and jeez. i just couldn't help it. memories from my past rushed back to me just like that. and next thing i know, tears fell down on face. good thing people inside didn't see me. it was just really awkward but i couldn't help it.

but what's really infuriating here is that i cant freakin' watch anything with someone else. it's just hard to suppress the feelings you know. the last movie that made me really sob was transformers. i watched this in trinoma with two of my boyfriends and man, they were hard laughing at me after the movie. it's not that they saw me crying but man, sniffing is just hard to resist you know. Santino. you guys know him? oh I'm sure you do. I just hate that kid. he always makes me cry. that's why i don't watch him anymore especially when my parents are around!

oh gosh. i just screwed one of my secrets again. oh well that's fine i like sharing anything about me to everyone anyways. so how about you man? what is that gayness thingy in you? Lol.

..c'mon man, tell me. haha.Lol.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spongebob dies in the metro

early this afternoon i received an email from a loooong lost friend. I was of course elated that after so many years, this piece of a-hole still managed to get in touch with me. I got his ID and added him on ym and there we continued to chit chat just about random stuff about us. we haven't seen each other for like 2 yrs now. and yea, i freakin' miss this dickhead. he was my best buddy back then. he was my partner in crime. too bad he's now in states and it'll take 2 more yrs i guess to see him again when i get

he sent me a picture that made me laugh so hard until i just couldn't breathe at all. well it was not the picture that was really funny, but it was the caption that was so hilarious.


poor spongebob. look at him. he's just so dry due to so much lack of water. and so traumatized because of heat. and the people around might have aggravated his already deteriorated condition.haha. btw, what the heck is spongebob doing here in the metro?Lol.

..i still love him anyways.Lol.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson dies

Early this morning, as I woke up, I went straight to the computer to check some email and to update some stuff. I was browsing over the internet, when something written in some bold letters caught my attention. "Michael Jackson dies". i dunno if this was true or something, but one thing's for sure, was that it made me go to the CNN live, and watch some news. and it was true. CNN has confirmed that Michael Jackson, the sensationally gifted child star who rose to become the "King of Pop" and was undeniably the biggest celebrity in the world indeed, has died early this afternoon (pacific time).

The pop star died after being taken to UCLA medical center for cardiac arrest. He was not breathing when Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to a call made by his brother after Jackson suddenly collapsed at his Los Angeles home about 12:30 p.m. the paramedics performed CPR but reportedly was not able to revive, and took him to the hospital. "my brother was resuscitated at 1.14pm for a period of 1 hour, but they were unsuccessful." says Jermaine Jackson, Michael's brother. Michael died at the early age of 50.

immediately after the news had spread like a wildfire, a multitude of fans started to gather outside the UCLA Medical Center hoping to get some sort of comfort from one another. Fans also congregated at Jackson Family's house in Gary, Indiana where Michael Jackson was born, laying flowers at the doorstep and paying tribute to the king of pop.

although aggregates of fans flocked to these different places, it's not surprising to hear no screaming, crying, and stuff like that. everybody was just in great tranquility consoling one another. however, there are some group of people who were playing Michael Jackson's musics and just dancing and singing and tryin' to remember and feel once again how it's like to be just listening and jiving to this music.

but what's really saddening here is that Michael is actually preparing for a sort of come back concert tour after not having performed for so many years now. and this terribly shocking abrupt demise of him has just put a period to his long legendary career as the people's musical hero.

this is a global phenomena. everyone is just mourning, and was really in great shock about this sudden demise of Michael Jackson. but that's life. who are we to question God about what he does? He needed Michael, so He got him.

..Rest in Peace king of Pop! thanks for the great music!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

chinese spongebob

"who lives in a pineapple under the sea?"


if you are fond of watching this show and an avid fan of spongebob squarepants, you probably have already memorized this exerpt of that world renowned infamous opening song. haha. and more or less, you have been singing this song your whole life even up to now that you're grown up. lol, kiddin'

who doesn't know spongebob anyways? i mean, he's been like an effigy of fun, play and all to the kids and to the kids at heart like that square sea sponge guy belonged to the eukaryotes, under kingdom animalia, and phylum porifera (hey, i can still remember my biology!lol). but look more like a kitchen sponge. he 's just so adorable and something in him really makes kids hooked and make him as their favourite cartoon character for this new generation.

This second longest-running Nicktoon, next to the Rugrats was created by Stephen Hillenburg an artist, animator and a former marine biologist. The series is set in the Pacific Ocean in the fictitious city of Bikini Bottom and on the surrounding lagoon floor. Among the lead characters are; Spongebob Squarepants himself, Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Sandy Cheeks and Gary the snail.

if you think you have seen the best of this show, coz it obviously got so much wit in it, well think again. recently i was browsing some videos over youtube, and i come up with this particular video of spongebob. for a second i though it was really one of the episodes of spongebob, but it turned out to be just a spoof-like thingy of the show. it was hella funny, but really interesting.

..jeszieBoy offense to our chinese kapatids! but this is really funny! lol. :]]

Thursday, June 4, 2009

gusto mong magaya kay arlene?

ang ayoko sa lahat ay iyong kinukulit ako sa tuwing umaatake ang mood swings ko. pag ganun kasi tumatahimik na lang ako. at ayokokng kinakausap ang mga kasama ko kung meron man, dahil tiyak, hindi rin ako makakausap ng matino. kapag kasi kinausap mo ako o tinanong, sasagot naman ako. pero yung tipong isinisigaw ko sayo ng pabulong gamit ang mga tingin ko na "AYOKONG KINAKAUSAP MO AKO SA MGA ORAS NA ITO!"

maswerte ako dahil mahirap makahanap ng mga kaibigan kung may ganito kang kondisyon. kailangan kasi ung mga taong nag umaapaaw ang pagmamahal at pasensiya sa'yo. ung tanggap ang bawat aspeto ng pagkatao mo. yung tipong ngayong araw magmumurahan at magsasapakan kayo dahil lang sa isang electric fan, pero bukas balik ulit sa kanyakanyang kakulitan.

pero gaya ng nasabi ko, ayaw ko sa lahat yung kinukulit ako tuwing may mood swing ako. pero makulit si arlene. parang hindi niya ako kilala. yun din ang madalas na problema pag sobrang close kau ng isang tao, kilalang kilala ka na niya. alam niya na kahit mapikon ka sa kanya ngayon, kinabukasan wala na rin iyon.

arlene: sige na jessie, sabihin mo na kung sino yung tinutukoy mo kagabi sa gm mo!

jeszieBoy: *nakasimangot* wala un.

arlene: wooo, ayaw pa sabihin, sige na! ito naman.

jeszieBoy: ang kulit mo, wala nga un. next time ka na lang mangulit pwede ba?

arlene: hindi kita titigilan hangga't hindi mo sinasabi.

jeszieBoy: *iling*

arlene: teka, BOF na pla.

jeszieBoy: yuck.. BOF sucks!

arlene: gago! yuck ka diyan. astig nga eh. I LOVE BOF!

jeszieBoy: oh? YOU SUCK!

bakit? kanya kanyang namang taste yan. ang pasok sa panlasa mo maaring hindi sa akin. at ang swak sa akin maaring hindi sa iyo. matuto tayong irespeto ang pagkakaiba ng bawat isa! haha. pasensiya na, minsan hindi ko lang talaga alam ang kahuluhan ng salitang respeto kapag may mood swing ako.

..yaan arlene, sori ha. kulit mo kasi. :]]

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

do you still remember SAMBAG?

naaalala mo pa ba yung pelikulang MAGIC TEMPLE? anim na taong gulang ako nang ilabas ito ng Star Cinema bilang official entry sa Metro Manila Film Festival 1996. Kung meron man akong alaala nung anim na taon plang ako na talaga namang tumatak sa akin, marahil ito na yun. nung ma-hook ako dito. wala akong ibang alam nuon sa pelikulang ito bukod sa magic. mga batang may mga kapangyarihan at nakikipaglaban sa kasamaan upang maibalik ang balanse ng timbangan ng mundo. iyon marahil ang naging dahilan kung bakit ganoon na lang ang pagkahumaling ko sa pelikulang ito. sa kaibuturan ng aking puso, nagtatago ang isang pangarap na maging katulad nila. na maging isa sa kanila. alam mo na, bata.

kung naalala mo ito, tiyak kilala mo si SAMBAG o si Junell Hernando sa totoong buhay. isa sa mga bida sa nasabing pelikula kasama sina JUBAL (Jason Salcedo) at OMAR (Marc Solis). Naisip mo ba kung nasaan na ang mga artistang ito? kung bakit nawala sila sa showbiz at hindi na muling humarap pa sa camera? marahil ay hindi. ano naman ang pakielam mo diba?

sa pagkakaalam ko, si sambag ang unang nawala sa industriya ng mga plastik. si jubal, naaalala ko may isa pa siyang palabas noon na napanuod ko kasama si gloria romero, nakalimutan ko lang yung title. si omar naman, nakita ko pa siya sa tv, last yr lang ata. ewan, di ko na rin matandaan. kaya naman hinanap ko through internet kung nasaan na si sambag. ilang oras din ang tinagal ko kakahanap sa iba't ibang search engines. hanggang sa mapunta ako sa isang link. nakita ko si sambag. si sambag na lampayatot at pumipiyok piyok pa nuon sa pelikula. ibang iba na. malamang. sa tinagal tagal ba naman ng panahon eh.

eto na ngayon si sambag, kasama ang kanyang asawa at cute na cute na anak.

kita mo nga naman, nakabingwit si sambag ng imported!

..parang kape't gatas lang! pero astigin, kudos sambag!lol.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

the day I got demented.

It was a bright and shinny morning but I had a slight feeling that something odd would happen to me that day. And I was right. I knew I was always right. My mom asked me to accompany her at some mall to buy stuff. when we got there, I told her that I would just be somewhere outside, digging up some air. I was at the side of the road, watching people and cars passing by.

An old lady with a grubby appearance showed up and stared at me straight to my eyes for like a minute or two. Despite the obvious soiled emergence of this woman, the windows of her soul had an impeccable effulgence that seemed able to be seen by no one but me. I kinda felt I was being haunted by these. I had the strangest feeling that I was the only one aware of her existence. I started to get startled. Waiting for my mom on the side road where I tremblingly stood, I turned my gaze to the other side eager to look back and see her no more.

But disappointment deteriorated my heart-filled dread. Hairs on my nape prickled up, my chest was pounding so hard that I could hear every single monotonous thud. I was barely looking where she was at, but my intuition was lending me the picture that at a snail's pace, the old lady was taking her steps right through me. I wanted to shout for help but I could hardly produce a single sound. I wanted to run, but I could scarcely budge. I was then immovable. Little by little, her scrawny filthy hand was touching my arm. Freezing cold sensation suddenly engulfed my entirety. I was being hoisted up by some sort of mist emanating from her body.

It was the very first time that I had such feeling. And I thought it was so cool, the best sensation ever. Arctic-like combined with sort of low voltage power hit and tickled my peritoneum cavity. I couldn't help myself but to grasp and take the pleasure in. I was having the best time yet gloomiest of my life. Simultaneous with the satisfaction, a menacing oblivion overthrew every single detail of happiness over my head. What's left now are nothing but pure anger, hatred, grief, wretchedness and melancholy.

As my feet starting to touch the ground again, I was at a complete loss. I was becoming a total madcap. With my blurry vision, I still managed to witness something extraordinary and yes, there was even more unusual than what was happening to me. A lucid silhouette of a skinny lad emerged out of nowhere with some sort of well polished piece of stick on his right hand pointed to the hooded old lady in front of me. For a second I thought it was me he was aiming at. I was about to get down for a count when I heard him yelled "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" with that stick still pointed to the lady. A radiance of bright illumination with a stallion contour materialized from the tip of his stick, smearing my vision. I fell to the ground with a great thud. It was the last thing I could remember.

When I opened my eyes, I was still standing at the road side. My mom was talking to me.

'hey, what happened? are you ok?' She asked.

"m-om I-I got de-men-ted." I stuttered.

'what are you talking about son?' she queried perplexedly.

I glanced up at the road, cars were in breakneck speed getting ahead of one another as if nothing odd just happened to me. Then I realized, was it a dream? or an illusion? could it just be a hallucination? A car bizarrely halted in front of me with a poster fixed on its window. I looked at it. It was this poster.


I got a glimpse of someone on my left who was also looking at the poster. . .

she looked at me. . .

I got goosebumps. . .

It was the same old hooded lady. . .


..wag ng umapila. that's my own version of a DEMENTOR AND BEING DEMENTED. :))

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Never in my entire life, that I have imagined something made out of a gag would ignite such a vast conflagration among outdated dudes. you know what I have noticed? people are getting more and more thin-skinned. why is that so? can someone tell me? ugh.

sige sige, para matahimik ang mga kaluluwa niyo, and mine as well, no comments shall be posted na here in my blog. and I strongly suggest those a-holes involved to just cease dropping by and get their a** outta here.

..hindi pa ko galit nyan. :]]

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

two DAVIDS are better than one!

Last Saturday, May 16 2009 was a dream come true. It was one heck of a night that made everyone else there go crazy. It was the night etched in my mind. It was the night that I gone wild. It was one of a life-time opportunity that involved two of my favourite international artists. David Archuleta and David Cook.

I was a fan of these two lads, ever since their auditions during their American Idol days. From day one, until their final singing brawl on stage, I got hooked. Actually, I wasn't just fastened to the two of them, but their whole batch! Theirs was really the best of all, and Simon Cowell even had to agree with me! :)) mind you guys, not even one of last yrs' episodes got ahead of me. That's how I got really hooked. My favourite episode was when they had a special number where they got to sing Shout To The Lord during their Idol Gives Back. It was one of my favourite christian songs, and seeing the AI batch that I was so passionate about, man! I'm like, OMFG! haha. :))

So when there was this one time, I was scanning through the sites in the blogsphere, I stumbled upon this particular blog that had a post that really caught my attention. It featured that the two Davids were actually coming to the Philippines to have a back to back concert. I was kinda reluctant upon reading the post, but starting to jump off my seat. I made contact with the owner of the blog to ask if it was real, and he confirmed it. My chest bursted out. I had long been waiting for this. When someone informed me that the tickets for the concert were already available, without second thought I immediately went to purchase two, for me and for my best friend. And so my prayers had been granted!

Concert night

The concert was held at MOA open grounds, started around 8:20. The whether was so perfect, and the crowd was just unbelievably incredible! Our seat was just good enough to see the two Davids up close and appreciate their entirety!haha. so, it was like, minutes away from the start of the show, when the crowd got surprised when suddenly, sparks of illumination sky-rocketed and made everyone else looked up in great awe.

David Archuleta emerged with a total bang! the crowd exploded, my bestfriend blown up, and I, I flew into insanity. Everyone was just soo freakin' astonished by this young dude singing his first song "touch my hand"

More Pics!

while everybody else were standing over their chairs tryin' to have a perfect angle to have a great glimpse of archie, I happened to notice this guy who seemed irrefutable with his choice to just sit and feel like nothing historical was happening around. he seemed like just sitting in a bench in some park. haha.lols.

Archie was freakin' soggy wet by his sweat after singing around ten songs, nonstop! Right after singing his last song, "Crush" he bid goodbye and headed to the backstage. and he was gone, just like that. Minutes after Archie's performance, the sky was again illuminated by colorful flamboyant fire crackers that awed the crowd and it was better compared to Archie's :))

It was the second set of the show, when David Cook emerged, everyone just gone ballistic! I couldn't hear anything but these screamingly screeches of the mob that excited Cook even more who couldn't believe how many people went to the concert.

Cook: are you guys havin' fun?
crowd: yeaaaaa!
cook: cool! co'z 'em havin' a BLAST!

: woooo!

The show ended with a song which I forgot the title, that was sang by both Davids, and man, it was so cool, people were waving their hands, (including me! haha.) simultaneous with the Davids. I knew that it was gonna be their last song so I really got myself along with it. and as I have foreseen, it was indeed their last performance. they both bid goodbye, cook put his left arm over archie's shoulder, and together they disappeared in the middle of smoke-filled stage as the people, continued to screech as if so satisfied with the show. man, it was so freakin' worth it!

for the videos, visit bowtruckle

..deymm! hoping for them to come back! :]]

Sunday, May 10, 2009

ang dakilang INA at ang walang utang na loob na ANAK

"o nak, gising ka na pla. teka ha. male-late na kami handa ko lang baon namin ng tatay mo.

'kelan ba dadating ung katulong? badtrip nman eh. wala na akong ibang ginawa tuwing hapon pagdating galing school kundi maglaba ng maglaba ng uniform ko. napapagod na ako! hindi ako mkapg review. midterms ko na! ano isasagot ko nyan?'

"may washing machine nman."

"kahit na! pagod na pagod na ako! sa umaga paplantsyahin ko pa uniform ko. kaya ako lagi late. badtrip! kelan ba babalik ung katulong? bat nmn kasi pinayagan nyo pa mag pahinga. wala tuloy maasahan dito sa bahay!'

'*walang imik*'

"nakakapagod na! bwiset!"

'kumain ka na muna. niluto ko ung paborito mo. wag ka magalala. naglaba na ako kaninang madaling araw. para hindi ka na maglaba mmya pag uwi mo. plantasyahin ko nlng mmyang gabi pag uwi ko.

"nakasimangot pa din."

'kung hindi mu na tlga makita ung digicam mo, eto pambili ng bago. wala na tayong magagawa dun. *sabay abot ng pera*'

kaya mu bang gawin yan sa ermat mo? kaya mo ba siyang sigaw sigawan na parang ikaw ang nagpapalamon sa kanya? na parang ikaw ang naghirap sa pagdadala sa kanya sa loob ng 9 na buwan, na parang ikaw ang magkanda tae tae sa pagiri, mailabas lang siya kahit hindi mo na makaya ang sakit? malamang sa malamang ay hindi. lalo na kung alam mo lahat ng pinagsasasabi ko at naaapreciate mo ang lhat ng ginagawa ng ermat mo.

kaya bilib din nmn ako sa taong to, na walang preno ang bibig sa pagtalak sa ermat niya. ni hindi na niya naisip ang mga ginagawa ng ermat niya para sa kanya. ang lahat ng pagod di iniinda, maibigay lang lahat ng gusto niya. mapag aral lang siya sa isang magandang paaralan. WALANG UTANG NA LOOB! naaawa ako sa ermats niya, kasi nagkaroon siya ng ganung klaseng anak. kung sa iba ung baka ginulpi na siya, o kaya sinumbong sa erpat niya. pero dahil napaka bait ng ermat niya, nanatili na lang siyang tahimik.

'bagong gising lang ako nun. kaya ko nagawa un. pero indi tlga ako ganun.'

sige, given na bagong gising nga siya. pero kung nandoon din ung erpat niya, gagawin niya din kaya yun? malamang hindi. dahil baka napatay na siya nito sa bugbog.

'lagi nalang kasi ako naglalaba. napapagod na ako. hindi nmn kasi ako sanay gumawa sa bahay.'

hindi ko alam kung maiinis ako o matatawa. siguro parehas na lang. napaka babaw ng dahilan. laba lang? nagrereklamo na? eh ung ermat niya, naglalaba sa madaling araw, nagluluto ng ulam para sa maghapon. papasok sa trabaho. isusubsob ang muka sa mga paperworks sa opisina. tapos magpapabalik balik sa production, at office. init, lamig, init, lamig. pag uwi magluluto pa ng hapunan. at kapag wala tlgang maghuhugas ng mga kinainan, siya na ang gagawa. dahil ang mga anak, purong tamad. at mukang gusto pa niyang palabasin na kasalanan ng ermat niya na hindi siya marunong gumawa sa bahay.tsk tsk tsk..

'alam ko namang mali ung ginawa ko. ang totoo, pag alis ni ermat, naisip ko ung ginawa ko. at naiyak na lang sa banyo, dahil naisip ko kung gaano ako kasamang anak. kanina, inagahan ko ang pag gising para maabutan ko si ermat. maaga kasi sila umaattend ng church. sakto. paalis na sila.'

'nay, san po kayo punta?'

"church. hindi ka ba sasama?"


'kumain ka na lang dyan ah. nagluto na ako. bka matagalan kami dun kasi me practice pa ata tambourine dancers ng youth ministry. kahit linggo gusto ng kapatid mo magpractice eh.'

"*akbay* happy mother's day po. sorry po sa nasabi ko nung isang araw ah. *tsup.*"

'aus na un. wag ka nlng maingay sa tatay mo. nako, ang anak ko. kelan mo ba ako huling hinalikan? grade 4 ka pa ata nun. haha. :))'

ang dakilang ina.

nasan ung walang utang na loob na anak? hindi na kelangan ilagay ang pic niya. tumingin nlng kayo sa paligid ng blog na ito. makikita niyo siya.