Saturday, May 30, 2009

the day I got demented.

It was a bright and shinny morning but I had a slight feeling that something odd would happen to me that day. And I was right. I knew I was always right. My mom asked me to accompany her at some mall to buy stuff. when we got there, I told her that I would just be somewhere outside, digging up some air. I was at the side of the road, watching people and cars passing by.

An old lady with a grubby appearance showed up and stared at me straight to my eyes for like a minute or two. Despite the obvious soiled emergence of this woman, the windows of her soul had an impeccable effulgence that seemed able to be seen by no one but me. I kinda felt I was being haunted by these. I had the strangest feeling that I was the only one aware of her existence. I started to get startled. Waiting for my mom on the side road where I tremblingly stood, I turned my gaze to the other side eager to look back and see her no more.

But disappointment deteriorated my heart-filled dread. Hairs on my nape prickled up, my chest was pounding so hard that I could hear every single monotonous thud. I was barely looking where she was at, but my intuition was lending me the picture that at a snail's pace, the old lady was taking her steps right through me. I wanted to shout for help but I could hardly produce a single sound. I wanted to run, but I could scarcely budge. I was then immovable. Little by little, her scrawny filthy hand was touching my arm. Freezing cold sensation suddenly engulfed my entirety. I was being hoisted up by some sort of mist emanating from her body.

It was the very first time that I had such feeling. And I thought it was so cool, the best sensation ever. Arctic-like combined with sort of low voltage power hit and tickled my peritoneum cavity. I couldn't help myself but to grasp and take the pleasure in. I was having the best time yet gloomiest of my life. Simultaneous with the satisfaction, a menacing oblivion overthrew every single detail of happiness over my head. What's left now are nothing but pure anger, hatred, grief, wretchedness and melancholy.

As my feet starting to touch the ground again, I was at a complete loss. I was becoming a total madcap. With my blurry vision, I still managed to witness something extraordinary and yes, there was even more unusual than what was happening to me. A lucid silhouette of a skinny lad emerged out of nowhere with some sort of well polished piece of stick on his right hand pointed to the hooded old lady in front of me. For a second I thought it was me he was aiming at. I was about to get down for a count when I heard him yelled "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" with that stick still pointed to the lady. A radiance of bright illumination with a stallion contour materialized from the tip of his stick, smearing my vision. I fell to the ground with a great thud. It was the last thing I could remember.

When I opened my eyes, I was still standing at the road side. My mom was talking to me.

'hey, what happened? are you ok?' She asked.

"m-om I-I got de-men-ted." I stuttered.

'what are you talking about son?' she queried perplexedly.

I glanced up at the road, cars were in breakneck speed getting ahead of one another as if nothing odd just happened to me. Then I realized, was it a dream? or an illusion? could it just be a hallucination? A car bizarrely halted in front of me with a poster fixed on its window. I looked at it. It was this poster.


I got a glimpse of someone on my left who was also looking at the poster. . .

she looked at me. . .

I got goosebumps. . .

It was the same old hooded lady. . .


..wag ng umapila. that's my own version of a DEMENTOR AND BEING DEMENTED. :))