Sunday, December 26, 2010

After 6 Months

I really dont know how to start up this post. it's been 6 freaking moths since i last posted an entry. i just literally darted off from the blogsphere for pretty much a while. crap, i know my blogging thingy is starting to really get dilapidated. i just lack everything. the drive, ideas, time, creativity, whatever, and i hate it coz i've always loved blogging. or maybe not. maybe i just dont get to have more time to sit in front of my computer and let my struggling imagination and my reluctant fingers do the rest.

or it could be because of this;

im already on my senior year which means i have to really work my butt hard if i wanna get my name on that list of students who will be marching in PICC this summer. everything is swiftly pacing, fast track. im not even sure if im catching up with everything that's going on. i feel like i wanna smoke pot right now just to slow everything down or just hit that pause button even for a little while. this sem has got to be the hardest! but man, there aint nothing to it but to just do it and get everything done in time, hopefully. and then graduate!

yea, that's pretty convincing and more acceptable. so i think imma stick to it. on other note, i really missed blogging. i just wish every faculty in school gets sick so everything will be postponed until further notice. or every printing machines they have get jammed. that way i'll have all the time i want to just blog and blog and blog! i've been missing a lot! probably everything. is that what you call s-a-c-r-i-f-i-c-e? damn. i wonder how it feels to get school stuff as sacrifice for every gods in this planet.

CHRISTMAS! i almost forgot. it actually kinda ease everything up with all these mouth-watering food my mom made and all these parties around, gifts etc. i cant wait until new year. goodtimes! i may be one day late but i still wanna wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

..Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays..♪♫♪