Friday, March 14, 2014

Dont Shout!

so while enjoying my coffee this morning, i was browsing through my dashboard and totally forgot about these random videos that i got to stack up on my drafts. well, I've always had a thing in hoarding tho i think mine is still benign. i tried to watch them, last thing i knew i was cracking up real hard. they made my day. i hope yours too. here's some of them.

anger management for Germans please. lol

what if all animals are round? epic.

and my favorite, best cop ever! Real or fake you know this is hella funny!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Getting Back Home

Recently i received an email from a friend asking how i was doing and why i stopped blogging. for a moment i almost forgot what blogging was until i visited my old blog site and everything rushed back in just a snap. i remember putting this up over 5 years ago, back when i was in college. it instantly became my escape from the real world that i was in. i would blog just about anything and i would enjoy it so much. i wasn't good at this unlike the others who've been doing it for a living, but at least there are quite a few people who followed and admired entries that i had published in this blog. and it made me feel good. it feels good when you know people appreciate what you love to do (even the nonsense ones). and who would forget the bloggers i met and became friends with. they weren't just actually friends to me. they were also my mentors giving me ideas and advice on what and how blogging really is. and with the layout? well I've always wanted to be different. unique. i wanted to have my own. even with how my blog would look like. i was never a computer freak (and not dreaming of becoming one by any chance) but i have worked my ass off real hard self learning the searing-headache-provoking rule of HTML (oh hey, i was once a PC freak!) just to get the exact look that would satisfy my insatiable eagerness to be unlike any other. and it took me sometime or perhaps a long time.

So i read some of my old entries in this old blog. i was a college student back then, who didn't have any background in writing, blogging and/or that kind of stuff, so you don't expect something really great from anything posted here, but the last thing i noticed, i was smiling while reading them and some even got me cracked up, and that's because i remembered how awful my writing skills were. tho i'm not saying i'm a badass at it now. in fact i still probably have the lousiest writing skills that somebody could ever have. but hey! i love doing this thing so sorry but you can just suck that up. the last entry that i published was years ago. never really exerted any efforts at all to continue blogging. probably because i didn't have the luxury of time now since i'm working full time. but then it got me thinking, i know i could always find time. i suddenly got this tittering feeling inside me when i thought about getting back to blogging. I've always loved this. why have i even stopped doing what I've always loved to do in the first place? but lets not give importance with the answer to that question anymore. past is past.

I was then decided to go back blogging. i started by finding another best blogging platform there is. don't get me wrong, i love blogger like hell. this is where i started, i just kinda felt like trying something new. but to my disappointment, I couldn't find anything better than blogger. (naks! bumabawi!) so to sum up the story, im goin back to my ancestral blogging home. and ITS NICE TO GET BACK! this place is all the same for the last 5 years, and i dont think i have any plans of changing any of this, or perhaps just a bit of renovation on the side. now i'm glad to say that i decided to blog again. im looking forward to making time blogging once in a while maybe, tell stories about myself, people circumstances, and just about anything under the sun. excitement has penetrated me, and the future is within my reach.