Friday, May 1, 2009

I miss HIM like hell!

P.S. (as in prescrpit; is there such thing?lols.): I strongly suggest you all to read the whole entry first before making any conjectures .

do you know how it feels like to be with someone all your life, that you become somewhat dependent to him? although the relationship was just short-lived, it seemed like you become too physically and emotionally attached to him. Despite the hindrances, you still remained standing. why? because you love him. and that's all it took me to make this entry.

I MISS HIM SO MUCH. It torments my entirety every time I think about him with someone else holding him, someone else spending the night with and that kinda thing. It's been quite a while, but i still couldn't get over him. I am still a prison of my past. I gave up. not because I was weak. on the contrary, I think I was more than stronger to accept that he's no longer mine. That someone better than me has taken my place and is now making him even happier.

When I told my friend that I was to make this post, she immediately disagreed. she even thought that i was insane! She thought that people wouldn't understand my situation. That people might just dump it. Might even laugh at me. But I told her that I just don't care. AT ALL. MIGHT AS WELL SCREECH IT TO THE WORLD!

I actually made this post to feature a poem that i come up with when one time, Insomnia knocked on my room door, with non-stop reminiscing. I AM DEDICATING THIS POEM TO HIM. wherever he may be.

I miss you like HELL

I remember the first day we met
The first time I saw your smile I was in red
Everything was so perfect and special
Everything felt it even my bile.

I was in seventh heaven when finally,
Someone like you came to my life so timely
I didn't want to miss that chance
I didn’t want to rise if it was just a trance.

I wanted to hug you,
I wanted to caress you.
It was our first date,
But it felt like I was just your mate.

Until I finally saw
That it was just fraud and raw
I couldn't be any happier
when I held you without any barrier.

The first night we slept together,
was certainly unlike any other.
I didn't want to end any moment that night,
I wanted to do it with all my might.

Everything was in their proper place
For the first time my life was not in haste.
Had it not been because of your love,
I would've been a scrawny lost dove.

Until one day something terrible confronted me
In just a flick of a snap all is gone, great jeopardy
I couldn’t do anything about my frenzy
but to let go and weep like a baby

And now that you’re gone
I wish I still have a chance, even just one.
But I reckon that’s way impossible
For you and him/her are now inseparable.

In three yrs we were in each other’s care
I just hope you’re in the same stair
Whoever that person who took my place
shall love you and fill my space.

The times that we were together,
The memories I just couldn't get over.
It’s still hard for me to think
that you’re gone in just a blink.

I miss your buttons; I miss your screen,
I miss everything about you that makes me green.
You were my phone for three yrs, oh so well,
And now Imma missing you damn like hell.

my phone for three yrs, got snatched.crying emoticon Pictures, Images and Photos it's more than memorable and sentimental to me. so much of my "firsts" in life, he was there, he witnessed them all. he was my buddy, he was my great memoir from my lingering past. and now he's gone. he's all gone.

..isa nlng phone ko. wala na akomg smart. :(


Mon said...

haha! nice one! at lalaki pala ang gender ng phone mo. hehe

RJ said...

Buti nalang tinapos kong basahin... Kasi mag-iiwan lang sana ako ng tanong: "Sino ba talaga siya?"

Maganda ang poem.

jeszieBoy said...


oo tama ka. lalaki nga siya.
haha.sobrang namimis ko na siya.
haha. :]]


nakow, buti nmn. iniisip ko nga, pag nabasa to ng erpat ko, tas hindi nya natapos. anu kaya magiging reaksyon.haha. :]]

abe mulong caracas said...

tsk tsk tsk, ganyan talaga ang buhay.

pero palitan mo na lang siya, y not a babaeng cellphone so that you will not only have a bext buddy but also...u know!

hehehe pinatulan talaga ang pagkakaroon ng gender ng cp lols

Bart Tolina said...

Punta kayo sa blog ko at may libreng pagkain!

kokoi said...

kala ko naman bumigay ka na! hehe. langya selpown pala! hehehe..

jeszieBoy said...

abe mulong caracas..

haha. sige lang. kaso ayoko ng babaeng cp. masyadong maarte! bwahaha. :]]

bart bartolina..

me pyesta ba? haha. :]]

jeszieBoy said...


haha. loko! oo tama ka! pati cellphone ko me gender! haha. :]]