Wednesday, May 20, 2009

two DAVIDS are better than one!

Last Saturday, May 16 2009 was a dream come true. It was one heck of a night that made everyone else there go crazy. It was the night etched in my mind. It was the night that I gone wild. It was one of a life-time opportunity that involved two of my favourite international artists. David Archuleta and David Cook.

I was a fan of these two lads, ever since their auditions during their American Idol days. From day one, until their final singing brawl on stage, I got hooked. Actually, I wasn't just fastened to the two of them, but their whole batch! Theirs was really the best of all, and Simon Cowell even had to agree with me! :)) mind you guys, not even one of last yrs' episodes got ahead of me. That's how I got really hooked. My favourite episode was when they had a special number where they got to sing Shout To The Lord during their Idol Gives Back. It was one of my favourite christian songs, and seeing the AI batch that I was so passionate about, man! I'm like, OMFG! haha. :))

So when there was this one time, I was scanning through the sites in the blogsphere, I stumbled upon this particular blog that had a post that really caught my attention. It featured that the two Davids were actually coming to the Philippines to have a back to back concert. I was kinda reluctant upon reading the post, but starting to jump off my seat. I made contact with the owner of the blog to ask if it was real, and he confirmed it. My chest bursted out. I had long been waiting for this. When someone informed me that the tickets for the concert were already available, without second thought I immediately went to purchase two, for me and for my best friend. And so my prayers had been granted!

Concert night

The concert was held at MOA open grounds, started around 8:20. The whether was so perfect, and the crowd was just unbelievably incredible! Our seat was just good enough to see the two Davids up close and appreciate their entirety!haha. so, it was like, minutes away from the start of the show, when the crowd got surprised when suddenly, sparks of illumination sky-rocketed and made everyone else looked up in great awe.

David Archuleta emerged with a total bang! the crowd exploded, my bestfriend blown up, and I, I flew into insanity. Everyone was just soo freakin' astonished by this young dude singing his first song "touch my hand"

More Pics!

while everybody else were standing over their chairs tryin' to have a perfect angle to have a great glimpse of archie, I happened to notice this guy who seemed irrefutable with his choice to just sit and feel like nothing historical was happening around. he seemed like just sitting in a bench in some park. haha.lols.

Archie was freakin' soggy wet by his sweat after singing around ten songs, nonstop! Right after singing his last song, "Crush" he bid goodbye and headed to the backstage. and he was gone, just like that. Minutes after Archie's performance, the sky was again illuminated by colorful flamboyant fire crackers that awed the crowd and it was better compared to Archie's :))

It was the second set of the show, when David Cook emerged, everyone just gone ballistic! I couldn't hear anything but these screamingly screeches of the mob that excited Cook even more who couldn't believe how many people went to the concert.

Cook: are you guys havin' fun?
crowd: yeaaaaa!
cook: cool! co'z 'em havin' a BLAST!

: woooo!

The show ended with a song which I forgot the title, that was sang by both Davids, and man, it was so cool, people were waving their hands, (including me! haha.) simultaneous with the Davids. I knew that it was gonna be their last song so I really got myself along with it. and as I have foreseen, it was indeed their last performance. they both bid goodbye, cook put his left arm over archie's shoulder, and together they disappeared in the middle of smoke-filled stage as the people, continued to screech as if so satisfied with the show. man, it was so freakin' worth it!

for the videos, visit bowtruckle

..deymm! hoping for them to come back! :]]