Saturday, August 29, 2009

back to the old times

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. i was damn preoccupied with so much school works and hospital works, perhaps. everything was pretty much on its proper place. school. work. friends. family. love life (one way though. conscience starting to knock me out) I could say that everything was doing just fine. until a song was produced to mess 'em all up. with just that single damn song, i was back to the old times.

Silent Sanctuary released their latest album last May 1, 2009 entitled "Mistaken for Granted" with their carrier single "Hiling". long before the album was released i was favorably informed about the song. i was mocked that the song was made for me. i mean people like me. I was in front of the line to purchase this masterpiece. when i got to play it, reading between the lines, my hypothalamus fathomed that the song was indeed, for me. it was my song.

When i first heard one of their songs "Ikaw Lamang" i immediately became a fan. after scanning through the rest of their songs back then i realized that these are just exactly the songs that i like. and since then, Silent Sanctuary has never disappointed me with their soft mellow repertoires.

I've been on LSS with "HILING" for sometime now. silly me would always listen to the song with some thoughts in the head. next thing i know, I'm teary eyed. so lame. and i must commend the video too! one of the bests actually. so here you go. let's listen to the song over and over again and share some sentiments. haha. Lol.

..ipipikit ko ang aking mata dahil nais ka lamang mahagkan, nais ka lamang masilayan kahit alam kong tapos na, kahit alam kong wala ka na.


gege said...

ay! naman... kakadownload ko lang nyan. nung napanood ko din yung video sa mtv, na LSS nako. haist! ayon... wOOOoooh! :P

namiss ko magbassa ng post mo...
puro ka tweet!
haha. :P

Anonymous said...

bro welcome back to blogging, na miss ka ng mga blogista tol...

wanderingcommuter said...

paborito ko ito!

TheCoolCanadian said...

Busy at the Hospital?

What the heck would you be doing in a hospital?

At least, hindi KUNDIMAN ang ang song na ito. Who's the vocalist? Hindi mo yata nabanggit ang names ng mga singers.

ELAY said...


kokoi said...

love this song! ganda tlga!

jeszieBoy said...

ate angge!

haha onga. bgay na bgay sakin. eh sayo? bagay pa rin ba sayo? haha. :]]

onga eh. kakaadik kasi twitter! haha. :]]

Cavite Portal..

thaks! na miss ko rin blog ko. haha. :]]

jeszieBoy said...

wandering commuter

yeah! appeer! ako din!lol :]

cool canadian..

haha. im a nursing student! may mga duty na kasi! haha. :]]

jeszieBoy said...


yess. appirr. astig! :]


nkkarelate din ba? haha.

Boris said...

hmmmm never updated with new songs but hey their "Ikaw Lamang" is an awesome song! :)

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