Monday, July 27, 2009

better late than never.

Last week i got to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, the sixth installment movie of the Harry Potter series adopted from the novel written by JK Rowling. who is by the way my favorite fantasy author. ok, so is this some kind of a review or something? i dunno. maybe. since i don't really know how to make one. and not fond of making such. i just like to really comment on something that i like and enjoy. does that qualify?Lol.

Anyways, it was my second time to watch in Trinoma. I was goddam excited to watch it. because aside from the fact that I've long waited for this to really come out, I'd get to see my freakin' high school classmates as well. so it's like a reunion thingy. and it was just awesome. so there, i bought a gargantuan popcorn and enormous drink. the movie started at 11:30pm and ended at around 2:30 am. and i walked out the theater with so much disappointment in my heart. I was so brokenhearted.

ok, here's the thing. i know that we don't expect the director to include all the smallest details from the book. perhaps we might be forgetting what adopted means. but duuh? fool David Yates ruled out so much important details. im talking about highly relevant facts man. this movie was supposed to help people understand the connection between Harry and Voldemort. and it didn't. the horcrux was the whole idea of HBP but was completely left out. crucial memories in the pensive were excluded.

and crap! where were Tom's parents? Dumbledore's funeral? the new minister of magic? and the more-than-life battle between the dumbledore's army and death eaters! oh gosh. reminiscing that night when i watched the movie just makes me even harder to move on. this movie was almost 3hrs of crap. it was so damn boring. I expected so much from it. and i got almost nothing. i mean hella nothing.

..i wanna apparate to JK and cry!


gillboard said...

i think it was meant to be that way as they'll be going all out with the last two potter movies...

jeszieBoy said...


ahh.i really hope so.
badtrip tlga pag sa last two movies eh la pa ring kwenta,grr.

Mokong™ said...

Kaya ako hindi ko pinanood yan sa movie..basahin ko muna yung libro bago yung movie..dahil alam kong hindi maganda yung movie version... pangit naman kung panoorin ko muna yung movie saka ako magbasa ng libro...

Mokong™ said...

tol add kita sa link ko...

RJ said...

Buti nalang hindi ko pa nabasa ang book... Kasi nagustuhan ko naman ang movie. Pero darating ako diyan, nasa Chamber of Secrets palang ako. Hahah! Mabagal akong magbasa.

Pero sa tingin ko ng sayang nga 'yong mga scenes 'yon, Jesz.

RJ said...

Buti nalang hindi ko pa nabasa ang book... Kasi nagustuhan ko naman ang movie. Pero darating ako diyan, nasa Chamber of Secrets palang ako. Hahah! Mabagal akong magbasa.

Pero sa tingin ko ng sayang nga 'yong mga scenes 'yon, Jesz.

Badong said...

talaga? ako kahit medyo boring nga siya, nagustuhan ko pa rin. isinantabi ko kasi muna yung expectations ko. la lang

jeszieBoy said...


oo pre. medyo madidisappoint ka sa mga movie..lalo na sa mga gawa ni David Yates!Lol.

na add na rin kita pre. :]


ahh. onga po! namimis ko na nga basahin ulit eh. gusto ko ulit basahin!

jeszieBoy said...


aww.pwede pla un?
sige masubukan sa susunod.Lol. :]

TheCoolCanadian said...


Nas'an ba iyang Trinoma? Sa PATAY TITI (PASAY CITY)?

Sesiya na, tagal ko nang hindi umuuwi diyan sa RP. Maliligaw na siguro ako.

That's the problem with movies adapted from best sellers. The material is already pre-sold, and therefore, when the film comes out and it did not follw the whole storyline, moviegoers are disappointed. However, we must try to understand the filmmakers. Sometimes (not all the time), they are compelled to do things by, say, the producers or the executives of the studio producing the movie.

In order for you not be disappointed when you watch the final Harry Potter film, go to the theater without even thinking about the book. Treat it as a new experience, and hope that the film will take you to terra incognita and live that world for at least 3 hours.

Relax, and enjoy. Man, you're young and the whole world is right in front of you, waiting for you to conquer it.

Just remember what Robert Herrick once said:

"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying:
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dying.."

wanderingcommuter said...

ako iniisip ko na lang na preperation siya ng something bigger the next HP movie! yun na lang para hindi ka mabroken hearted

Boris said...

hehehe you should've read my review first before watching hehehe...

yup it's crap, no doubt at all!!!

oh btw, I tagged you :)

jeszieBoy said...


hindi po.
ta keton titi din yun!haha.

onga. cge. intindihin natin ang mga tao sa likod ng pa ruin ng aking favourite na libro.Lol.


sana lang tlga tama ka.
dahil bka di ko na kayanin pag ganun pa rin sa last movie.Lol. :]

jeszieBoy said...

haha.appir. asar eh no?tae.

aaww.first time ko ma tag.
haha. cge try ko next time.
busy kasi ngaun.Lol. :]

cullen-potterBABY:)) said...

ooh my! it's the worst movie of the hp sequel! ugh! regardless of the effects, i dunno what occured to David Yates' freakn' mind to come up with such a rubbish film! wel, he didn't just broke our hearts but his credibility as well. xoo much dissapoinment and dissatisfaction for us muggles who l-o-v-e
Harry Potter. :((

Boy Bawang said...

nakibasa lang poh!!!

johnonline said...

yung funeral na hinahanap mo dude eh yun ang opening scene sa 1st part ng book 7... napanood ko yung movie sa iMax at the best talaga!!!

i think i'm in love with Luna!!!

btw, i dont know how i got here in your blog but it's nice to land in here!

keep blogging!

johnonline said...

4 out 5 ang rating ko sa movie... hehe

i'm going against the common reaction of people...hehe

gege said...

bat ako natuwa?

ahm cguro if fan din talaga ako ng book i might react the same.
naramdaman ko kasi sa twilight yan ee.


thank you jessie!
dami ko palang di alam sa movie.
ay! sa story.
pero okei lang yun.
si Prof. SNAPE naman ang bida.
tsaka love story ni Ron at hermoine... tama ba spelling?

never ko ata talaga magugustuhan i try man lang basahin ang mga book ng HP.
yung pagkakabind pa lang ng mga pages nakakapagod ng tignan para sakin.
pero fan ako ng movie!
uy! more info pa!



Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

Buti ka pa napanood mo...

Ako kasi busy talaga kaya wala pang time..

Pero napanood ko na ang GI Joe... LOL

日月神教-任我行 said...