Sunday, July 12, 2009

me is know talk english!

alotta people nowadays are evidently gettin' more and more mindful with the way they look, the way other people would look at them and that sorta thing. many dermatology and cosmetic surgery clinics have suddenly apparated out of nowhere and boomed just like that. clients spend thousands of money doing stuff on their body like inserting some metal tube over the part where adipose tissues are freakin' abundant. and then they suck them out of their body, and get that perfect shape they have long been wanting after eating like a gluttonous king since christmas and new year.

but hey, this entry is not really about them, but yea, somehow connected. well because you know, I perfectly and truly understand why some people do that. of course, they wanna look stunningly beautiful, goddam sexy, effin' hot. hmm. what else? I ran out of words. Lol. but isn't not being beautiful is not just physical. i mean it's a total package. it also has to be emotional, spiritual, intellectual and all that. now that's beautiful and hawt!

anyways, speaking of intellectual, you guys heard me right. oh, i mean you guys READ IT RIGHT. we also have to work on our brain. we gotta find some ways to get it going man. we don't want our brain rot without even using a portion of it. did you know that the 100% function of our brain hasn't discovered yet? if I'm not mistaken, that's what my professor in psychology back in first yr told me. we're only using about 30% or 40% function of it. hey, I'm not sure with the numbers ok? I've always been unsure when it comes to numbers ya know.

now, if you can't think of anything that will make your brain on the go, I have something for you. this is some kinda brain exercise but you don't need to answer so much awful questions. all you gotta do is read it. and to the best of your ability, try to understand and feel each and every line. and if you get to understand the article, CONGRATULATIONS!

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..I go away now. my head is pain. I can't breathing!


Boris said...

hahaha first two paragraphs are goofballs!! XD

hahaha shit naman yung letter. and pagkakaintindi ko, dalawang babae na umaangkin kay Dennis tapos sabe nung nagsusulat eh and panget daw nung other girl parang no competition siya sa kanya. hays tae talaga yung nagsulat niyan XD

NAKAKABOBO YUNG LETTER hahaha XD lasing siguro yung nagsulat XD

jeszieBoy said...


akalain mo.
un din ang pagkakaintindi ko eh.

oo.bka nakatira nga eh!Lol.

TheCoolCanadian said...

Okay, let me try if my comprehension is good enough.

The article talks about two kids, a boy and a girl. The Boy asks the girl: "would you like to play kabayu-kabayuhan? (or was it doggy-doggy-han?) Can't be sure on this one now.

However, the girl said: "Sige, play tayo ng kabayu-kabayuhan" (or was it doggy-doggy-han?) Ewan ko ba sa parteng ito, can't be sure now.

Then after the game, the girl complained to her team mate:"Bong, daya ng kalaro ko ng kabayu-kabayuhan (possibly doggy-doggy-han ito?)

Now, sabi ng teammate doon sa kalaro, hoy: daya mo. Kalaboso ka!"

Teka... so far so good ba ang aking comprehension?

Sana naman.

Chyng said...

sumakit ang kaliwat kanan ng braincells kosa english nya. haha
well, practice makes perfecT! ;D

wanderingcommuter said...

nadrain ang utak ko...seryoso!

Badong said...

alam ko ito yung nasa libro ni bob ong di ba? yung bakit baliktad. haha. ang adik.

ELAY said...

ay grabe bubey. sisikat xa!

gillboard said...

this letter is 7 years old... nice to know people still haven't read this and find it funny.

jeszieBoy said...


haha. malapit na!
malapit na kong mamatay sa katatawa!lol.


ako nga naubusan ng braincells! haha.Lol

jeszieBoy said...


sino ba?haha.Lol.


oo matagal na nga daw yan eh.Lol.

jeszieBoy said...


sino ba?haha.Lol.


oo matagal na nga daw yan eh.Lol.

jeszieBoy said...


sumikat siya dahil dun?


ngaun ko lang iyan natunton eh! :]haha.

DavĂ­d said...

Tol parang pina translate nya ito from Spanish to English. LOL di kc ito pwede gawin literally. Pero ang kulit nga... Hehehe. Read this back in HS.