Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gayness Galore

warning: what you are about to read is sooo freakin' gay.

"every man has his gayness in him."

that's what a friend of mine told me yesterday when we were talking on the phone as she was story telling me about his boyfriend who just recently came out to her. and she was just so brokenhearted. she couldn't believe that she fell in love with a freakin' gay man. Lol. and I say it was not her fault. she never knew. until that very day.Lol. guess he had to do it for his boyfriend. haha.

but what she said made me think a bit. which i don't really usually do you know. every man has his gayness in him. does this include my dad? my brother? YOUR BOYFRIEND? ME? oh well, i guess yea. every man. no exception. but please, don't get me wrong. when i say gayness, i don't mean homosexual tendencies. what i mean is any personality that could mostly be found in gay people. try not to be so defensive man.

so yeah. i got gayness in me. isn't that cool? no. not at all. but what can i do? it was part of my personality. i was born with that gayness in my genes which i inherited from my aunt who just recently told me that we have the same personality. so what is this gayness that i'm talking about? well here we go.Lol.

no one really knows that i'm like this, except my best buddy. he was the only one who caught me watching that animated movie cars and actually crying. can you just imagine that? who could be teary eyed watching an animated movie that is so like babyish? oh well that's me. so gay i know. another movie that i couldn't help but just go to the bathroom and cry was ratatouille. hey! i didn't say something like crying makes a man gay. it's not. as long as no one sees him.Lol.

oh yes. I'm a freakin' crybaby. co'z im a hackin' sentimental. and i just hate it. you know. even a single touch of drama in an entirely comedy film is just enough to make me cry like a baby. and know what, there was this one time, i was inside FX goin' home from school, parting time by rockstar was the bg music, and jeez. i just couldn't help it. memories from my past rushed back to me just like that. and next thing i know, tears fell down on face. good thing people inside didn't see me. it was just really awkward but i couldn't help it.

but what's really infuriating here is that i cant freakin' watch anything with someone else. it's just hard to suppress the feelings you know. the last movie that made me really sob was transformers. i watched this in trinoma with two of my boyfriends and man, they were hard laughing at me after the movie. it's not that they saw me crying but man, sniffing is just hard to resist you know. Santino. you guys know him? oh I'm sure you do. I just hate that kid. he always makes me cry. that's why i don't watch him anymore especially when my parents are around!

oh gosh. i just screwed one of my secrets again. oh well that's fine i like sharing anything about me to everyone anyways. so how about you man? what is that gayness thingy in you? Lol.

..c'mon man, tell me. haha.Lol.


Boris said...

that's not even gay jeszie. I cried watching Monsters Inc. and Wall-E

there's nothing to cry in Tranformers jessie hehehe...

I don't watch "May Bukas Pa" so baduy XD

everybody cries, it's not gay.

jeszieBoy said...

noo. i cried when optimus died.haha.

well some might think that it is indeed so gay.,haha.

gillboard said...

crying does not make a man gay... la lang...

TheCoolCanadian said...

Okay, here's that well-known spammer again. Lol.

All men gay?

Gosh, no. All men are women! LOL!

But, it's true. All human beings, during conception, are all female.
Then the secondary characteristics comes out, as in really come out because it is a PROTUDING part with balls to boot! He-he.

That's why males have also female characteristics in them.

And... who cares if a male is gay?
It is a reality that exists in our world, so we have to be realistic enough to accept anyone gay as another human being. After all, we are all born on this planet, and we will all die afterwards, some sooner, others later.

I'd say keep that feminine side in your heart, Jezsie. Keep that little innocence in your heart.

I'm pretty sure you're familiar with Robert Frost's:


Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

Just like what Johnny Cade told Ponyboy Curtis in THE OUTSIDERS: "Stay gold."

It's a good way to be. Being jaded is not something wonderful for a person to be.

Stay gold.

-the spammer from British Columbia


wanderingcommuter said...

weird umiiyak ka kay santino...

general rule;

everyone is assume unless proven otherwise!

Badong said...

hey! kakilala mo pala si angelica gargarita? hehe

Boris said...

teka nanunod ka pala sa trinoma hehehe dun din ako nanuod eh, nakita mo ako? XD as if XD

jeszieBoy said...


sa iba kasi ganun.Lol


keep it.yea.
ganun na nga lang siguro!
andami mong sinabe ah.haha. :]]

jeszieBoy said...


marami pa akong hindi na sh-share na kawirduhan ko.haha. :]]


hala ka.
oo.kilala ko.
si ate angge.
nyahaha. :]]

jeszieBoy said...


nakitaa nga kita!
as if.haha.

Lol.first time ko nga lang dun manuod eh.Lol.

Boris said...

hahaha ako rin first time dun. paunahan talaga sa seats XD

hhmmmm... anyway may kamukha ka na sumakay sa jeep. nasa quezon city ako, sinasamahan kasi ako ng friend ko na magapply para sa civil service. anyway yung kamukha mo, umupo sa tabi ng drive, nakayellow shirt tapos may cap na rnb type (yung malaki). lagi niyang tinitingnan sarili niya sa salamin. hmm.... sabe ko parang si jessie yun ah. balak ko kausapin pero baka hindi rin ikaw hahahaha!!! pareho kasi kayo ng buhok, maikli lang.

jeszieBoy said...

haha. sayang. sana kinausap mo.
kahit indi ako. un.Lol.

mahilig ako sa cap oo. pero siguradong green ung akin.
mahilig din akong tumungin sa salamin. medyo vain eh. kaso indi ako yun. hindi kasi ako sumasakay ng jeep. sayang ung pabango.haha.

ELAY said...

haha what a post.. sweetness.

Boris said...

ngek baka maweirdohan sa akin. di pati ako taga QC XD

sige next time pagpunta kong QC, pagnakita kita kakausapin kita XD

johnonline said...

hehe...drama addict din ako... i can also say my vanity is my gayness...hehe

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