Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson dies

Early this morning, as I woke up, I went straight to the computer to check some email and to update some stuff. I was browsing over the internet, when something written in some bold letters caught my attention. "Michael Jackson dies". i dunno if this was true or something, but one thing's for sure, was that it made me go to the CNN live, and watch some news. and it was true. CNN has confirmed that Michael Jackson, the sensationally gifted child star who rose to become the "King of Pop" and was undeniably the biggest celebrity in the world indeed, has died early this afternoon (pacific time).

The pop star died after being taken to UCLA medical center for cardiac arrest. He was not breathing when Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to a call made by his brother after Jackson suddenly collapsed at his Los Angeles home about 12:30 p.m. the paramedics performed CPR but reportedly was not able to revive, and took him to the hospital. "my brother was resuscitated at 1.14pm for a period of 1 hour, but they were unsuccessful." says Jermaine Jackson, Michael's brother. Michael died at the early age of 50.

immediately after the news had spread like a wildfire, a multitude of fans started to gather outside the UCLA Medical Center hoping to get some sort of comfort from one another. Fans also congregated at Jackson Family's house in Gary, Indiana where Michael Jackson was born, laying flowers at the doorstep and paying tribute to the king of pop.

although aggregates of fans flocked to these different places, it's not surprising to hear no screaming, crying, and stuff like that. everybody was just in great tranquility consoling one another. however, there are some group of people who were playing Michael Jackson's musics and just dancing and singing and tryin' to remember and feel once again how it's like to be just listening and jiving to this music.

but what's really saddening here is that Michael is actually preparing for a sort of come back concert tour after not having performed for so many years now. and this terribly shocking abrupt demise of him has just put a period to his long legendary career as the people's musical hero.

this is a global phenomena. everyone is just mourning, and was really in great shock about this sudden demise of Michael Jackson. but that's life. who are we to question God about what he does? He needed Michael, so He got him.

..Rest in Peace king of Pop! thanks for the great music!


kokoi said...

Rest in Peace MJ!

TheCoolCanadian said...
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TheCoolCanadian said...

Hey Jeszie:

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It won't hurt to investigate. There might be other solutions to your condition.

By the way, I find your blog quite amusing and very entertaining. I thought I saw you in LA before? Did you go there? Baka kamukha mo lang?

Boris said...

hahahaha the commentor above me is such a loser :p get out of here spammer!!!

RIP to Michael Jackson, can't believe he died just like that when we was rehearsing hard for a performance in the England arena.

Yep, I guess God has someone to teach him the moonwalk. Just kidding :p

TheCoolCanadian said...


Huh? What? A loser? Why?

I'm not selling HEART SURGERY. I am trying to help. RHD is not a laughing matter, my friend. It is a condition that needs attention.

Heck, no siree! I'm not selling deep fried fish balls, either!