Sunday, March 15, 2009

Flick that switch off! MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

one of my blog mates who happened to be boris invited me to join this so-called EARTH HOUR 2009. it sounded to me like a pageant with environment saving and all that. i was leery upon doing so since I'm not an environmentalist sort of thing and I'm one of those stereotypes of people who just don't really care about these stuff. but i told my self, why not give it a try? might gain something from it. so i checked it out. and upon watching these videos, i felt goosebumps. (literally) hairs on my nape pricked up. i really don't know why, but its like there's something inside me that wanted come out. a voice wanted to be heard. i just felt like ecstatic about this. excitement enveloped me. a surge of enthusiasm suddenly engulfed the entirety of me. i immediately signed up. and now i did this entry to inform everyone! we can all make a difference. this is just one of the simple ways in doing such. pls watch the videos and take part in our fight against climate change!

it's time to make a difference. it's time to make a change! help save our earth!

VOTE FOR EARTH! and let her win this global election!

let's all make a difference! JOIN THE EARTH HOUR 2009!

on March 28, at exactly 8:30 pm, turn off all the lights for an hour and be part of saving mother earth.
Sign up for Earth Hour! - I VOTE EARTH: Jessie Alvarez

Earth Hour 2009 by WWF - Sign up for Earth Hour!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

just a piece of aphorism

(this is another entry from my former blog. i posted this like 4 or 5 months ago when I, was still in the stage of moving on. posting it here basically means nothing but to help other people who are in the same stage right now.)

let us first define what an aphorism is;
aphorism - a concise statement intended to make a point.

hey! sup guys? i’m here again.. just wanna share something! :]

hmmm.. today, upon waking myself up from a woderful nap, i just realized that i want to share this simple yet very consoling piece of aphorism. when i read this, it immediately got my nerves, it sank in, and made me feel that everything’s gonna be alright.

I’m talking about those broken-hearted folks. this aphorism will be really helpful to those people who still couldn’t get over their past relationships. those people who find it hard to let go of everything that has something to do with their ex’s, for those who sob their hearts out every night, while listening to some mellow music. For those who always reminisce, who always hope, and wish that someday their gonna be together again, although they know the very fact that they’ve been long forgotten by these people. I’m talking about people LIKE ME folks! :]

there was this guy who added me in friendster. but the idea of this post doesn’t revolve around that guy. he was accessory to the crime though. when i viewed his page.. and was scanning the whole profile, i saw group of words written somewhere in the middle of his page, making a two sentence statement. i read it. and it goes..

“Someday, someone’s gonna walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with someone else.”

i was palpitating, i read it again. this time, with all my perceptions;

“Someday, someone’s gonna walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with someone else.”

and boom! i couldn’t take my eyes off of that sentence, it was like repeatedly echoing at the back of my mind. i went to my room, grabbed a pen and a piece of paper, jot it down with my chicken-scratch penmanship, and pinned it on the wall. i read it again, and again, and again, and again.

it made me think, that it’s true. so true. someday, someone will come into our life, and make everything almost perfect. someone who will make us feel that we are so special. the feeling that we so wished didn’t fade during our past relationship. and by then we’ll get to realize, that this is why, it never worked with him/her. that’s why, during those times, no matter how i beg, he/she just wouldn’t give me a chance. that’s why we never made up.

you see, we just have to bear in mind that we have to be affirmative. not just in this aspect of life, but in all aspect. like family, friends, school, work, everything where you get to encounter a lot of different problems. it’s ok to cry, don’t feel embarrassed doing so, whether you’re a girl or a guy, especially for us, guys. crying uplifts our burdens. crying makes us feel that we are somehow fortified after each cries, knowing that we bear all this obstacles of life. cry. just cry. but not for a while. after each cries be sure that you have strengthened yourself.

i hope i was able to help some of you guys, who are still batlling yourselves against these pains, and hurts and all that. i hope the aphorism that i have given you, has somehow comforted you, the way it has comforted my still bewildered feelings.

before i set this post off, i want you guys to read this once again. with all your heart. understand each word, and make them penetrate you. and i want you guys to read them aloud. just don’t mind the people around you if there’s any. ready? here we go.

“Someday, someone’s gonna walk into my life and make me realize why it never worked out with you, -say the name of your ex-

we can do this! just remember! ALWAYS BE AFFIRMATIVE. AT ALL TIMES, ok? tnx for reading guys! have a nice day! :]

..jeszieBoy can do it! CO'Z YOU ROCK! You Rock ! Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Frustrated Working Student

I'm a freakin' frustrated working student. ever since i entered college i wanted to work na to earn money para mabili ang mga gusto ko na ayaw ibigay ng parents ko kahit na kaya nmn nila. they would always say that i'm too young for these stuffs. and one more thing, i really wanted to experience how it's like being a working student. kaya nmn i was so eager to get a work, simultaneous with my studies.

when i was in first yr, i was browsing over the internet, and looking for part-time jobs that would suit me. and then i came across this ads about call center stuff. and i was like reluctant to apply on-line but i thought it was exciting, so i just did. i was not expecting anything from that because i knew they're not gonna sort of pick me up, coz my resumé was almost unfilled. so i got really surprised when one time, at school, someone called me and she was telling me that she's from that call center company, and that they had received my resumé. she asked me if i was still interested. and i just said "HELL YEA!"

so she was asking random things about my self. i didn't know that i was doing a phone interview na pla! malay ko ba? twas my first time! what do you expect? the phone interview lasted for like 10-20 minutes. and then she told me that she's scheduling me for a personal interview. i said "ok, no problem." it was settled. through out the conversation my age was never asked so i thought it was just ok. besides i put on my resumé that i was just 17 yrs old. but i wanted to be so sure so i told her that i'm just 17 and if it would matter. it was evident from the sound of her voice that she was surprised. she retreated our appointment coz they're not accepting under age daw. dammit! i just screwed my self. but right after my 18th b day daw i could come back and they'd be accepting me by then, i never came back. and that was the end of my call center career!

last Christmas break, i was so freakin' bored in the house so i texted my best buddy. i was planning to apply in a Korean School as an English teacher where he works. matagal na rin nya kasi akong niyayaya dun. i just didn't think i had enough patience to teach these people. dahil ang hirap daw nilang turuan! but that day, i don't know but I was just so resolute that i wanna apply. and if ever na matanggap, wala ng problema. 18 na kasi ako. and fortunately, after a 3 hour exam (seriously!) and an interview, natanggap nmn ako. they told me to go back the next day co'z they're gonna be giving me students na. magtuturo na ako!

i didn't tell my parents about this whole applying thing co'z i know, for sure they're gonna be killing me, especially my dad. so nilihim ko. but GOD really works in mysterious ways. someone told him about that and it just pissed me off! i was asking him kung sino nagsabi sa knya pero ayaw nyang sabihin. the next thing i knew, he was yelling at me na. am i proposing daw ba right into his face na he's not a good provider? you know, the whole thing that parents usually put in their head. ugh.

just to stop the clash between me and him i told him that i'm quitting it. haaay. though i was really dying to get started the next day, i just gave it up. i never came back. they kept on calling me on the phone but i didn't answer it. and that was the end of my teaching career!

until i came to a point where i reflected. maybe GOD doesn't really want me to work while studying. maybe He wanted me to accomplish my studies first before giving me all the stress that i'm looking for! haha. if that's what HE wants, then fine! no more jobs. for the mean time, focus on my studies. i guess i have to filch some pennies from my mom's purse.haha. kidding! :]

..who can give me a part time job? :]]