Thursday, January 1, 2009

Greetings from TIPSYBOY!

Sorry I was really tipsy na that time tlgang umiikot na ung paligid ko. I didn't even realize that i was not holding my phone properly! haha! but still i managed to make a video to greet you guys! hehe! i kept on burping there! so excuse me! :]

and this was my first morning of 2009! just thought of making a video of me, having my hangover!hehe!

hehe so there! it's 6:30pm already and i just woke up again. i immediately sat in front of my PC to post this video to greet all of you a HAPPY BLESSED PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR! sana di pa ko huli! haha! ingaats kau! :]

..jeszieBoy (tipsyBoy)

..uh,HANGOVER! :]]


queenie mijares said...

yeah boi!
happy new year!
u're right!
past is past.
new life na!

jeszieBoy said...

yea tama!
'api new yr din! :]

wanderingcommuter said...

ayus parang solb na solb tayo ah!!! hahaha... hampey new year,dude

jeszieBoy said...

..wandering commuter

solb na solb tlga tsong!

'api new yr tsong! :]

Anonymous said...

oa nmn.. so poser