Wednesday, February 11, 2009

damn hot singing sensations!

hmm. ok. it's been quite a while since the last time i posted an entry. ilang araw din un. the reason is that, this week is my midterms. kelangan mag aral. haha. oo. nagaaral ako!lols. actually hindi pa tapos. tomorrow will be the last day. madali nmn na ung last subject. kaya oke lang. I got a lot of things on my mind. kelangan ko ng bawasan.

so hey, are you a YOUTUBE-er? yeah? me? yeah. i think so. co'z i spend like 3-4 hrs watching videos there, and i really enjoy it. i watch different videos like dancings, singings, and the like. but what i really love to watch is the singings. a lot of really good singers are really coming out on youtube. for me, it's acually the fastest way to get fame all over the world. and that's exactly what's happening right now to these two Filipino girls. have you heard of them? their show? it's called "RIN ON THE ROX" these two Filipinas ARE BOMBS! really. hawt!hawt!hawt! aside from they sing really freakin' good, they're both like FHM models. these are two HOT CHICKS i'm talkin' here.. they're freakin' effin' HAWWT! I think i'm lovin' 'em. here's two of their videos that i really love! oh guys out there, you gotta check these out!

i love their outfit! so HAWT!

hot performance!

on the left is Erin, pure Pinoy, and on the right is Roxanne, FilAm. they're both Goddesses, but i just love Rin. she's beautiful and charming. rox on the other hand looks like Paula Abdul right? I've been watching their videos for 2 months now, and i heard over the radio that they were actually invited to come and visit the Ellen Degeneres amazing. and hey! have i mentioned that they do their videos in the bathroom? haha. yea they do. i also love singing in the bathroom. anyways here's their video on ellen.

Erin is just so cute! I LOVEEE YOU ERIN! these two damn hot chicks really make me proud to be a pinoy. if you want more of their videos, just check 'em out on their youtube channel at



gillboard said...

another couple of pinoys that we could be really proud of!!!

jeszieBoy said...


haha. hell yeah! u said it right! :]]

Yffar (^^,) said...

ay napanood ko rin sila

magagaling sila..


xlinks po

mel beckham said...

i don't like them. charing!

did u know that men sing better daw sa loob ng bathroom compared to women. nabasa ko somewhere. mwahahaha

jeszieBoy said...


oo tama! and they're hot!haha.

mel beckham..

ya totoo un! that's why i love singing in the bathroom! ahaha! :]]

abe mulong caracas said...

gusto mo naman ng nakakainis na vid? hanapin mo yung mga lalaking muymoy palaboy wannabe na nasa SOGO hotel.

ang malupet kasama yata ito sa marketing strategy ng SOGO to show na maganda ang mga rooms nila.

yun nga lang mukha silang ogag na boyband sa loob ng isang motel! nyahaha

Boris said...

youtuber ako. pag may time eh nanunuod ako :)

mukhang paula abdul? okay lang hehehe..

wow tol, no wonder you've been fantasizing them, kasi pinapanuod mo yung videos ni lang nakanta sa banyo hehehe.. tulad mo, nakanta rin ako sa banyo.

hhmmm... magaling nga. I'll keep an eye on them. thanks!

kokoi said...

i'm not straight and i think they're on fire. what the hell's wrong with me? hehe

Mon said...

Ang galing nga nila!! Not to mention, they're drop-dead gorgeous!! ;)

jeszieBoy said...


ah cge try ko panuorin un!haha, :]]


dba?! dba?! hawt hawt!haha.
fantasizing? suubra nmn!haha. :]]


huwaaw! ur goin' straight! hehe.. :]


drop-dead gorgeous tlga ha. hehe.

Dylan Dimaubusan said...

wow, another talented pinays.. makes us proud to be pinoy..

ang gwapo ng blog ah.. hehe.
kape tayo..

odin hood said...

wew galeng galeng

jeszieBoy said...

dylan dimaubusan..

haha. salamaat! salamat din sa kape! :]


unga! hot pa!haha.

queenie mijares said...

wala na sa youtube ung mga videos nila,

pero galing nila..

napanuod co un one time,,but the next day,,
wala na