Thursday, February 19, 2009

the DREAM.

ok. i'm so desperate to really decipher my dream last night. It was about my ex, actually, she's my first girlfriend. STEPHANIE. our break up was kinda one of those that didn't really turn out so well. i sort of made something that somehow hurt her. or yea, really hurt her. but after a few months, we became friends. everytime we see each other at school, we talk, and sometimes we eat together. really good friends.

and last night, i dreamt about her. there, she was like a goddess. she was so beautiful and there were a lot of men attracted to her. she was talking to me, but i couldn't even hear a single word of what she was uttering. and then i just gave up. i went away. suddenlyI heard her shouted my name.

and it was gone. I was already 15 minutes late in my first subject. what does it mean? does it really mean something? or just nothing? ugh. why is this buggling my mind?

..well honestly, i kinda miss her.


Ron Centeno said...

Hmmm. It must only mean one thing. You are not over her. They say your dreams are thoughts hidden in your sub-conscious mind.

Mon said...

Exactly, i agree with the first commenter dude.. It means you are so not over her... A little too not over her. heheh

Go boi! Win her back!! ;)

jeszieBoy said...

ron centeno..

ewan ko lang. i don't think so.
oke nmn na eh.hehe..


win her back?
di na yata pwede un.haha.lols.

RJ said...

Huhmn... Tinawag ka niya? Sa tingin ko may mga bagay na hindi pa niyo napapag-usapan. U NASAAN na ba siya ngayon? Hanapin mo kaya?

Salamat nga pala sa palaging pagdalaw sa The Chook-minder's Quill, bro! (,"o

Wow! Nakaka-inlove ang music dito Jesz!

jeszieBoy said...

haha. uo lam ko pa kung asan siya.lols.
nkakainlab ba? ge mainlab lang!haha! :]]

By Myself said...

wahaha ang kulet parekoy! i think ur dream is just because u miss doesn't mean anything superstitious... usually our dreams are products of our unconscious and/or conscious longing and desire.

^__^ balikan mo. ligawan mo ulit!hehe

Mon said...

Ba't di na pwede? May iba na ba sya? If that is so, and if she's happy right now.. then you might as well move on! Suggestion lang po parekoy.. hehe

jeszieBoy said...

by myself..

wahaha. yea. miss ko nga lng siguro!lols.


miss ko lang nmn xa. di ko na xa mahal!haha. :]]

Lizeth said...

ang sweet naman. hehehe.

jeszieBoy said...

sweet ba?
hehe. napanaginipan ko eh!

Boris said...

hmm.... you still love her even though it's your fault. so I guess you just miss her