Tuesday, February 17, 2009

valentines on the road!

When I was roaming around the blogsphere this past few days, I found out that every bloggers got his feb-ibig entry. malungkot man, masaya, o anu pa, basta anything that has something to do with the love month. it's posted. upon reading these entries, i suddenly felt like i was being enforced to make one too. I dunno if I got inspired from them, or i just really didn't want to be left behind this season. it's a month long celebration right? I'm still not late. so here's my valentine entry.
how was my valentine's day? it was pretty much like a family date. Feb 14, around 4pm, my dad told us that he wanted to go to batangas. i didn't really wanna go with them co'z i was surfing the net that time (ok, porning!) and i didn't want to be disturbed. so i told him that i was just stayin'. but my dad knew what would really make me say yes.

"ok you're drivin' the car"

'you serious?'


so i immediately went to the bathroom, made a really quick and good splash, and i was ready to go! but to my displeasure, he didn't let me drive the car until we reached Sta. Rosa exit in SLEX. he was terrified that we'd get caught co'z i still didn't have my license.
it was already 7 in the pm and we were still on the road. my mom and my sister seated at the back were already starving to death. i didn't feel a thing though. i was enjoying my driving. but they insisted. so we dropped by at this restaurant along belair laguna i think. and there, we spent our valentine's night. it was a family date. though I'm so not used to going out with my family, i pretty much enjoyed it. too bad my brother wasn't able to come. it was a great night fraught with so much laughter and love. (ugh! saying this just gives me chills!)

after almost an hour in the restaurant, my dad told us that we had to get going. it was a sure thing that there would be a heavy flow of traffic in tagaytay co'z it's valentines. true enough, the flow of traffic was freakin' horrible! a supposed to be just 3 hrs of journey turned into 6 tedious hrs. good thing magic 89.9 is always there to really overpower the dreadful boredom. as for my mom and my sis, slumbering themselves out of the real world. my dad and i took turns driving the car that's why not a single somnolence i felt.

10:15 pm. i was getting butt cramps. and so as my dad. "stop the car! i can't take it anymore!" my dad was dead-laughing at me! i went out the car and started massaging my butt! after a minute or so, we're back on the track. when we were already in tagaytay, the radio signal grew fainter until no more. i turned off the air conditioner and opened the windowsill. my dad immediately yelled at me.

"close the window! the car will get filled of filth!" (he's talking about the dusts.)

'for God's sake! it won't destroy your car! will you just breathe in the fresh air? that's why you always get asthma because of the pollution that you're fond of in QC.!" -i blurted.

"you're gonna clean all these mess boy."


10:50. we finally reached our place and jeez, i was again starving. i looked for something to get nibbled on. my aunt told me that there's nothing in the fridge.

"go to your ate jube's house. there's a sabitan goin' on. lots of food there."

'and lots of people.' i whisphered.

" i heard that. you've still not changed. at all."

'yea, yea..'

sabitan by the way, is the night before a wedding. a party is held where the couple get to dance and people would pin money on them. it was a romantic night to kuya Henry, my cousin (i guess) and his fiancé. sweet music are being played to which the couple fervently danced to. after making myself full that evening, i decided to wander around in the stillness of the night, away from the vociferous crowd.

the party continued until morning, the wedding day. it was a christian wedding.
after that, i just wanted to get some sleep. around 5 pm, we were again on the road, back to QC. and my valentine's day ended there. :]


..hoping that on my next valentine, someone really special will spend it with me! :]


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vanvan said...

ayan...so, aabangan ko ang susunod mong vday...at ang lucky girl who's going to spend it with you..

queenie mijares said...

musta na?
saya naman valentine experiens aa..
di lamig nun,nung nibuksan mu ung window?

Abou said...

sumilip. ansaya nyo naman

jeszieBoy said...


cge! ingnan natin kung meron na nga!haha.


uo malamig tlga! saya nga ee!haha.


salamat sa pagdaan!
medyo lang!haha..

Boris said...

very well said. good thing he made you drive hehehe