Monday, February 23, 2009


when i entered college, i discovered so many things about my self. marami pa pala akong hindi nalalaman sa sarili ko. marami akong natuklasan na hindi ko alam nung high school o nung elementary. isa na rito ay ang pagiging adik. adik sa mga damit. nagsimula akong mahilig sa damit nung 2nd yr 1st sem. hindi ko malilimutan yon.

madalas akong dumaan ng SM pagkatapos ng klase. tapos tingin ng damit. pag may nagustuhan, siguradong babalikan ko kinabukasan. hanggang sa dumating yung panahon na hindi na maipagpabukas. kailangan bilhin na kagad sa araw ding yon. pag wala akong dalang pera, manghihram sa kaklase, mabili lang. lalo na kung sila mismo ang nagsabing bagay sa akin. kahit sa tingin ko ay hindi. basta sila ang nagsabi, kelangan kong mabili iyon. damit, pantalon, shorts, jacket, cap, hikaw, singsing, kwitas, bracelet, kahit anu na pamporma, dyan ako nahilig.

karamihan sa mga binibili ko branded. pero hindi nmn ibig sabihin, hindi ako bumibili ng pekpek. bumibili din ako. tuwing pasko. sa mga tyiangge. madami kasing magagandang design. mahilig ako sa mga damit na may design na agaw pansin sa mga tao. kabastusan, katatawanan, kahit anu pa. basta siguradong mapapasunod ng tingin ang mga tao habang naglalakad ako. yan ang mga madalas kong bilhin.

nung nakaraang pasko, may nabili akong t shirt sa isang tiyangge malapit sa school. natuwa ako masyado sa design. kaya binili ko. habang binabasa mo ang nakasulat, siguradong gagana ang utak mo. you will be intellectually stimulated kung baga. bahala ka na kung anung maiisip mo habang binabasa mo ito. walng limitasyon dito. kung hanggan saan ang kayang marating ng malikot mong pagiisip , sige lang.


hindi lahat ng kinakalabit, gitara.
hindi lahat ng fini-finger, piano.
hindi lahat ng binobomba, poso.
hindi lahat ng binabayo, bigas.
hindi lahat ng inaararo, bukid.
hindi lahat ng kinakabayo, aso.(?)
hindi lahat ng pinapasukan, eskwelahan.
hindi lahat ng nilalabasan, exit.
hindi lahat ng sinusubo, kanin.
hindi lahat ng pinapapak, ulam.

hindi lahat ng hiyas, perlas.
hindi lahat ng matigas, bato.
hindi lahat ng batuta, pamalo.
hindi lahat ng hiwa, sugat.
hindi lahat ng dumudugo, sugat.
hindi lahat ng hopia, flat.
hindi lahat ng butas, sa ilong.
hindi lahat ng buhok, sa ilong.
hindi lahat ng nag-aattention, sundalo.
hindi lahat ng may ugat, puno.

hindi lahat ng pinipisil, pisngi.
hindi lahat ng pisngi, sa mukha.
hindi lahat ng bibig, may ngipin.
pero lahat ng may bigote, bibig.
hindi lahat ng tumatayo, may paa.
pero lahat ng may ulo, tumatayo.
hindi lahat ng bola, tumatalbog.
pero lahat ng itlog, binabate.
hindi lahat ng binibiyak ay niyog.
pero lahat ng mani, binibiyak.

..hanngang ngayon, tumatawa pa rn ako tuwing binabasa ito. :]]

Thursday, February 19, 2009

the DREAM.

ok. i'm so desperate to really decipher my dream last night. It was about my ex, actually, she's my first girlfriend. STEPHANIE. our break up was kinda one of those that didn't really turn out so well. i sort of made something that somehow hurt her. or yea, really hurt her. but after a few months, we became friends. everytime we see each other at school, we talk, and sometimes we eat together. really good friends.

and last night, i dreamt about her. there, she was like a goddess. she was so beautiful and there were a lot of men attracted to her. she was talking to me, but i couldn't even hear a single word of what she was uttering. and then i just gave up. i went away. suddenlyI heard her shouted my name.

and it was gone. I was already 15 minutes late in my first subject. what does it mean? does it really mean something? or just nothing? ugh. why is this buggling my mind?

..well honestly, i kinda miss her.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

valentines on the road!

When I was roaming around the blogsphere this past few days, I found out that every bloggers got his feb-ibig entry. malungkot man, masaya, o anu pa, basta anything that has something to do with the love month. it's posted. upon reading these entries, i suddenly felt like i was being enforced to make one too. I dunno if I got inspired from them, or i just really didn't want to be left behind this season. it's a month long celebration right? I'm still not late. so here's my valentine entry.
how was my valentine's day? it was pretty much like a family date. Feb 14, around 4pm, my dad told us that he wanted to go to batangas. i didn't really wanna go with them co'z i was surfing the net that time (ok, porning!) and i didn't want to be disturbed. so i told him that i was just stayin'. but my dad knew what would really make me say yes.

"ok you're drivin' the car"

'you serious?'


so i immediately went to the bathroom, made a really quick and good splash, and i was ready to go! but to my displeasure, he didn't let me drive the car until we reached Sta. Rosa exit in SLEX. he was terrified that we'd get caught co'z i still didn't have my license.
it was already 7 in the pm and we were still on the road. my mom and my sister seated at the back were already starving to death. i didn't feel a thing though. i was enjoying my driving. but they insisted. so we dropped by at this restaurant along belair laguna i think. and there, we spent our valentine's night. it was a family date. though I'm so not used to going out with my family, i pretty much enjoyed it. too bad my brother wasn't able to come. it was a great night fraught with so much laughter and love. (ugh! saying this just gives me chills!)

after almost an hour in the restaurant, my dad told us that we had to get going. it was a sure thing that there would be a heavy flow of traffic in tagaytay co'z it's valentines. true enough, the flow of traffic was freakin' horrible! a supposed to be just 3 hrs of journey turned into 6 tedious hrs. good thing magic 89.9 is always there to really overpower the dreadful boredom. as for my mom and my sis, slumbering themselves out of the real world. my dad and i took turns driving the car that's why not a single somnolence i felt.

10:15 pm. i was getting butt cramps. and so as my dad. "stop the car! i can't take it anymore!" my dad was dead-laughing at me! i went out the car and started massaging my butt! after a minute or so, we're back on the track. when we were already in tagaytay, the radio signal grew fainter until no more. i turned off the air conditioner and opened the windowsill. my dad immediately yelled at me.

"close the window! the car will get filled of filth!" (he's talking about the dusts.)

'for God's sake! it won't destroy your car! will you just breathe in the fresh air? that's why you always get asthma because of the pollution that you're fond of in QC.!" -i blurted.

"you're gonna clean all these mess boy."


10:50. we finally reached our place and jeez, i was again starving. i looked for something to get nibbled on. my aunt told me that there's nothing in the fridge.

"go to your ate jube's house. there's a sabitan goin' on. lots of food there."

'and lots of people.' i whisphered.

" i heard that. you've still not changed. at all."

'yea, yea..'

sabitan by the way, is the night before a wedding. a party is held where the couple get to dance and people would pin money on them. it was a romantic night to kuya Henry, my cousin (i guess) and his fiancé. sweet music are being played to which the couple fervently danced to. after making myself full that evening, i decided to wander around in the stillness of the night, away from the vociferous crowd.

the party continued until morning, the wedding day. it was a christian wedding.
after that, i just wanted to get some sleep. around 5 pm, we were again on the road, back to QC. and my valentine's day ended there. :]


..hoping that on my next valentine, someone really special will spend it with me! :]

Monday, February 16, 2009

strolling around star city.

After our 42nd foundation day, held at the Rizal Stadium, we spent the rest of the day at star city. it was one exhausting day after enjoying all the rides.

..jeszieBoy HAPPY! ayeeee' :]]

Sunday, February 15, 2009


aside from wala akong ibang maisip na pwedeng ipost ngaun, eh sobrang busy ko. i'm actually preparing my presentation, kasi mag de-demo teaching ako this thursday. at ang topic ko is AIDS. but this post is not about that. dahil nga wala lang akong maisip na ibang masabi, kaya kung anu anung pinagsasabi ko. type lang ako ng type ngaun. after my demo teaching, ipopost ko dito yung video!haha.

but this post is actually about the latest attraction ngaun sa star city. ung STAR FLYER! have you guys tried it yet? ako OO! haha. wala lang. pumunta kami dun just to try it. kung sawa na kau sa mga paulit ulit na rides na sinasakyan nyo, well i'm telling you guys. you gotta check this out! ang lupet! kapag pinapanuod mo, nakakatakot, but excitment overthrows your fright! ang sarap sobra! unlike other roller coasters, ito matindi, you'll feel like you're hanging. kasi your feet are hangging!haha.

one of us, hindi tlga sumakay. di daw nya talga kaya! so sabi ko, kunan nlng nya kami ng video habang nakasakay. at eto yun. dun yata ako sa pangatlong row nakaupo!

WTF?! just now! as in ngaun lang! kakapanuod ko lang sa news. kahapon pla, feb. 14, may namatay dito sa star flyer! nalaglag!waaa. bigla ako nanlamig amp! SPEECHLESS. indi ko na sana ipopost to. pero cge na, i'll just post it anyway.


..gulat na gulat sa balita. kinakabahan parin.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

damn hot singing sensations!

hmm. ok. it's been quite a while since the last time i posted an entry. ilang araw din un. the reason is that, this week is my midterms. kelangan mag aral. haha. oo. nagaaral ako!lols. actually hindi pa tapos. tomorrow will be the last day. madali nmn na ung last subject. kaya oke lang. I got a lot of things on my mind. kelangan ko ng bawasan.

so hey, are you a YOUTUBE-er? yeah? me? yeah. i think so. co'z i spend like 3-4 hrs watching videos there, and i really enjoy it. i watch different videos like dancings, singings, and the like. but what i really love to watch is the singings. a lot of really good singers are really coming out on youtube. for me, it's acually the fastest way to get fame all over the world. and that's exactly what's happening right now to these two Filipino girls. have you heard of them? their show? it's called "RIN ON THE ROX" these two Filipinas ARE BOMBS! really. hawt!hawt!hawt! aside from they sing really freakin' good, they're both like FHM models. these are two HOT CHICKS i'm talkin' here.. they're freakin' effin' HAWWT! I think i'm lovin' 'em. here's two of their videos that i really love! oh guys out there, you gotta check these out!

i love their outfit! so HAWT!

hot performance!

on the left is Erin, pure Pinoy, and on the right is Roxanne, FilAm. they're both Goddesses, but i just love Rin. she's beautiful and charming. rox on the other hand looks like Paula Abdul right? I've been watching their videos for 2 months now, and i heard over the radio that they were actually invited to come and visit the Ellen Degeneres amazing. and hey! have i mentioned that they do their videos in the bathroom? haha. yea they do. i also love singing in the bathroom. anyways here's their video on ellen.

Erin is just so cute! I LOVEEE YOU ERIN! these two damn hot chicks really make me proud to be a pinoy. if you want more of their videos, just check 'em out on their youtube channel at


Monday, February 2, 2009

KARMA by Alicia Keys

do you guys believe in BAD KARMA? ako kasi I personally believe it. many instances had happened to me which made me really think that there is KARMA. I don't know if they're just coincidence or something, but i don't believe on that, I mean, COINCIDENCE. for me there's no such thing. so, KARMA is freakin' real, and yea, it freakin' freaks me out! :]] anyways, here's another instance happened just a few days ago that reminded me again that KARMA is just around. and they're way faster than you think they are.

I was in SM fairview that time to buy some stuffs.after buying, i waited for a bus that would take me home. then minutes after, may dumaang jayross bus. edi pinara ko. the conductor said na maluwag pa daw sa loob. pagpasok ko nman puno. some were even in standing ovation. no choice namn ako. umandar na ung bus eh. so i was standing. but i'm used to it naman. pagod nga lang ako non kakalakad.

after a little while, may bumaba sa tapat ko. I sat down. tapos may sumakay na babae. there was this man who was about to give his seat to that lady, when suddenly, she found one just behind me. the man saw that she has already found one. so he tilted back to his seat. but too late. another man had already occupied his. so he had no choice but to really stand. And i found that really funny. hindi ko mpigilan ung tawa ko, so i covered my whole face with my bag and chuckled. but i know, it was very obvious na tumatawa ako kasi my shoulders were vibrating.

little did i know, kasunod na pla agad nun ung karma ko. hindi ko alam, nakaidlip pala ako sa biyahe. pag gising ko, nasa PHILCOA NA AKO! eh sa may riverside lang ako dapat bababa.tae talga! edi ayun. sumakay tuloy ako pabalik. natawa nalang ako sa sarili ko. ayoko na ng karma! kaya aun. todo ingat na ko ngaun. haha.

..cause what goes around, comes around. What goes up, must come down.