Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I don't like aliens on my list!

I know that if you have a friendster account, probably you're one of those people who are so into adding friends and accepting friend requests, because you guys wanted to have as many friends as you can. And that is the point I think, of this on-line community; making and having many friends. But I ain't no like that. Because on the contrary, I don't accept friend requests from people whom I do not know. You probably might be asking that it doesn't make sense, because as what I've said, that is the point of friendster. But my point is that, my account is an exclusive account. Exclusively for people who really know me personally, or even virtually (is there such thing?) I don't like the feeling of seeing a thousand plus friends in my account, but only a quarter of it knows me. I mean, they're all aliens to me. I'd rather have a hundred plus friends on my list as long as I am very certain that all these people are not aliens to me, and vise versa. Right now, I have 418 friends in my list, and I began using friendster in 2005. See? if I haven't been like this for that very long time, I would've reached 3000 friends in my list. But I don't wanna be like that. And even up to now, If someone's tryin' to add me as a friend, I don't accept them instantly. I try to scrutinize him/her first, if he/she's the type of friendster user who would reply to my comments. Because if not, he/she doesn't have a place on my list (now I'm starting to sound like I'm famous or something!ahaha! :]]) but that's me! haha. And have I mentioned that I delete friends every now and then? yea I do. Those people who no longer reply to my comments must get the hell out of my list. Except for those who made me somehow special, classmates, and all. It's quite complicated, yea, but that's what I used to do.

So there, that is the reason why I don't go beyond 5oo friends co'z that's also my limit. I haven't even gone to 430 friends or beyond co'z I constatly delete some of 'em. I hope I was able to answer those people who are tryin' to scatter intrigues about me (I seriously sound like I'm famous! ahaha! :]]) regarding that very nonsense issue about friends thingy, which I tried to maximize by making this post. (kala nyu di ko kayu papatulan ah!)

..jeszieBOY :]
..I so love my HATERS! :]]


Anonymous said...

uhm so i'm one of the ALL u talking to . . .
hehe anyway your blog is great
keep it up jes :)

queenie mijares said...

wala lang..

di icao na nga sikat,

piz awt!

Phrem said...

ALiens..peo im lucky coz
u accepted my request ah! ahihih..kilig kah jan!
Hmm..ure the only guy i met nah ayaw sah
super daeng fwends..
Infairness ckat kah! ahahah..
may intriga factor..asus!
nice blog kua jez.. :3

jeszieBoy said...

@au.. lam kong ikaw yan!haha! salamat!keep visiting my blog and keep posting comments! :]

@queenie.. sikat?ako? asa.haha!

@phrem.. ewan ko ba inde nmn ako artista bat may intriga? :]]

mean said...

tama ka dun.
my gnun ??
actually aq dn ..
NGAUN !pag dq klla dq tlga inaaccept .
kc aq add lng ng add dati ehh..
dunnoh?? gs2 q dumami frends q ehh..
pro dhil sa nbsa q ung post mu n2 here sa blog mu..
un pngpp2loy qnlng ung ncmulan qna na i-accpt q ung mga knows q gnun tlga eh nu ??

jeszieBoy said...


na enlighten ba?haha..

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