Monday, December 22, 2008

2 thumbs up para kay manong conductor!

I just wanna share this incident that we witnessed. This happened when I was in the BUS, (JAYROSS) with Gab, we were goin' home, from our last day of class. It was I think, about 6 or 7 in the evening.

We always go with these kinds of Air con bus. Medyo mahal nga lang ung pamasahe. But it's perfectly OK. Worth paying for nmn kasi. Kahit ako lang magisa, papasok ng school, o pauwe sa bahay. I always go for Air con BUS. I don't go for jeepneys na. haha! dati, sumasakay pa ko ng FX, pero ngaun, inde na talaga. AIR CON BUS na tlga.

Now, here's the catch. I am very much aware about the rollback thingys of the oil companies. And as a result of that, public vehicles responded to it, so they also had rollback with their fares. If I'm not mistaken, the minimum fare now in jeepneys I think had reduced to 6.00 php. And that is a good news for those who always take jeepneys as a means of their transpo. Now, for us, who always take Air con BUS, it's not a really a good news. Because Air con Buses don't often reduce their fare that easily. Especially kung paunti unti nmn ang binababa ng oil companies. So more or less, halos ganun parin ang pamasahe sa Air con bus.

Now, when we were on the bus, there was this man in front of us. He's just an ordinary guy. Nothing unusual. Of course, i didn't take that picture, until something happened. When the conductor went to him, and he was paying, (i just couldn't remember his destination) 44 php ang pamasahe nya. (narinig ko sa conductor) then sabi nya;

"44? ang mahal naman! anu ba kau nagbaba o nagtaas ng pamasahe?"

But the conductor was not answering. He was rather staring at the man who was just starting to flare up his anger. But this guy was keep on saying things, which I couldn't remeber because I was much interested to the conductor, if how was he feeling.haha. And then they had an argument;

guy: diba nagbaba na ng pamasahe? nasa tv yan ah? bat kau hinde nagbaba? anu to lokohan?

conductor: oo nga sir, pero kami inde nagbaba. mga air con bus ho inde pa nagbababa. 11 php pa rin ho ang minimum.

guy: papano nangyare un? sigurado ka dyan? anu ba plate number nyo. akin na nga. tingnan natin yang sinasabe mo. isulat mu dito dali!

He took a paper from his pocket and gave it to the conductor with much dislike.

conductor: sige sir, walang problema dyan.

After scribbling down the plate number of that bus, he lent it to the man.

guy: sige, tingnan natin yang sinasabe mo. hindi daw nagbaba. teka, tama ba to? baka iniba mu to!

conductor: tama yan sir. Nasa harap ng bus yan sir, tingnan nyo ho mamaya pag baba nyo.

Grabe! Gab and I were so pissed of with that guy. In my opinion, he was almost embarassing the conductor. but what really amused me, was that this conductor, through out their argument, he remained calm and still. From him, I've heard not a single word, or have even seen any form of detestation towards the guy. None at all.

That is the best attitude he's got, that I think we all should seize. Just imagine, what if the conductor, like the guy, was hot-tempered? what will happen to the both of them? they could've killed each other. haha! pero bilib talga ako kay manong. Astig. yan ang pinoy! haha. :]] OA ba?

after taking that last picture, manong conductor looked at me, and I could see on his face that he's quite baffled to what i just did, taking pics of him. I suddenly gave him two thumbs up and smiled. And unexpectedly, he smiled back.! hehe.

kudos manong!

And as for that guy, I don't know what happened to him. And I don't care at all! haha. Basta ang alam ko, after that incident, he kept quiet on his seat. Maybe he came to realize that he was wrong. And that the conductor was right!haha! :]]

..jeszieBoy :]


queenie mijares said...

uie pre..
talagang mahal sa JAYROSS/.
aku ba naman sumakay jan.galing timog papuntang tungko.
52 pesos na singingil.
but aus na un.
safe naman.

keep posting blogs.ha.
enjoy tlga aketch!

til hir!

Phrem said...

Bka kulang lang ung pera ng guy..

C manong driver galing ah!waheheh

...nkuha muh pang picturan ung away nla..
for evidence bah?

anyway, it.. :3

jeszieBoy said...

@queenine.. haha. uo ba basata keep on visiting my page. and keep posting comments! :]

@phrem.. xempre ako pa! haha! adik sa picture eh!

kokoi said...

i think that's good customer relations..
two thumbs up din sa'yo manong!

queenie mijares said...

oh sure pre.

baxta lageng masaya ang BLOGS mu.



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