Sunday, December 21, 2008


Wooooh! I just wanna celebrate right now. Co'z finally, it's break. Christmas break. I've been dying for this day to really come. Co'z there's a lot of stuffs that I wanna do. Like reading books which are not related to my subjects. I bought a couple of books 3 weeks ago. And up to this moment, not a single of 'em had i even scanned the pages. And I just feel like elated because finally, I'll be able to start to engross myself to these books. And I'm freakin' excited co'z they're my favourite authors, yea. :]
Another thing is Christmas shopping! hehe. I haven't shopped yet, and a lot of really interesting clothes I saw in greenhills, that I wanna buy, but I just got a problem. I can't find someone who could actually come with me. I mean, isn't it more enjoyable to shop with someone?hehe. But I can manage to be alone though. :]

But the most important thing that I am really looking forward to, is that I can finally stay in bed for hours!! yeeeaa! more sleeep! sleep! and sleep! and it's also a perfect time for me to get my piercing, finally. And another henna tattoo. I'm kinda sleepy now, so I guess I have to get going. I mean, in bed. haha! Hope to have an enjoyable vacation.. enjoy your vacation as well! before another piles of books to be read! see ya!
..jeszieBoy :]


Phrem said...

Hahaha,,hrap lan
tlga mag.aral..
ilang days nlang..
pasok again!
haitz..even me!
gawd! :3

jeszieBoy said...

lapit na nga.. bitin bakaaasyoon nuuu?