Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm totally moving!

yo sup?! here i am again..
and today, Dec. 16, 2008 is the day that i moved to my new home!Yehey! I'm talking about blogging folks! from a small scale blogging site in friendster where it all started, I'm now moving to big scale blogging!he he. BLOGGER!

well actually, long before, i made an account here in blogger. but that time, i was so busy, and sometimes i lack interest in writing random stuffs, and i ran out of ideas and all, it didn't work out so i decided to delete it. and just stick to my blog in FS. there I've written quite a lot of nonsense stuffs, including my heartaches and all. ha ha. and now, i decided, and very much sure that i wanna make it even better, and much more convincing (i mean, that i like blogging) to everyone on the net. so i once again made an account here. and i guess the rest will be history.

it's like I'm starting again from the very beginning. but I'm sure this will be far more better,(duh?that's redundancy! :]]) and fun, and exciting(for me), and entertaining(i guess). Co'z this is really what i want. i mean, writing stuffs about me, although i know they're boring and all, but i like sharing them to the rest of the people!haha. and no one can stop me from doing that. and i just hope that I'd get more interest in writing about myself. coz you know, I'm one of those people who call themselves "ningas-cugon". today, I'm very vibrant, tomorrow, I'm a dead like blogger. but since i got my brand new home(shall i say) i think, there'll be no problem at all(cross fingers)

and oh, BTW, tomorrow's the start of our prelims, and i haven't reviewed any of my lessons yet. oh gees, i hope the Justice League won't let me down.he he! so there you go. i have to end this first post, in my brand new home, because i have yet to sleep and put my books and notes under my pillow, for me to absorb everything.. :)) bu bye.. see you in my next posts! :D

..jeszie boy :]

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